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Sega Games Can Vol. 1
Box artwork for Sega Games Can Vol. 1.
Japanese titleセガのかんづめ VOL. 1
Release date(s)
System(s)Sega CD
Players1 (1-2 in some games)
Followed bySega Games Can Vol. 2
TwitchSega Games Can Vol. 1 Channel
YouTube GamingSega Games Can Vol. 1 Channel

Sega Games Can Vol. 1 (セガのかんづめ VOL. 1) is a Japan-only compilation of games from the Sega Genesis as well as titles previously exclusive to Sega Meganet (similar to the North American Sega Channel). It was followed by Sega Games Can Vol. 2.

The four Phantasy Star titles are text adventures, previously only available via Meganet.