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Sega Games Can Vol. 2
Box artwork for Sega Games Can Vol. 2.
Japanese titleセガのかんづめ VOL. 2
Release date(s)
System(s)Sega CD
Players1 (1-2 in some games)
Preceded bySega Games Can Vol. 1
TwitchSega Games Can Vol. 2 Channel
YouTube GamingSega Games Can Vol. 2 Channel

Sega Games Can Vol. 2 (セガのかんづめ VOL. 2) is a Japan-only compilation of games from the Sega Genesis as well as titles previously exclusive to Sega Meganet (similar to the North American Sega Channel). It is the follow-up to Sega Games Can Vol. 1.

The four Phantasy Star titles are text adventures, previously only available via Meganet.