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Trials of Mana has six different playable characters, of which you can select a total of 3 to form your party. Each character starts the game differently, and has different special abilities, equipment, and personalities. All 6 characters will still appear in the game, regardless of whether or not you selected them.


A swordsman from the country of Forcena. Duran is a bit of a hothead sometimes, but his skills with a sword are second to few (my, sounds like a cookie-cutter RPG hero, doesn't it?).

Duran's Classes


Hawk is a thief from Navarre. He takes his wits about him, rarely spares the loot, and sports a pair of daggers which allow him to attack twice.

Hawk's Classes


An outcast from the Beastmen due to his half-human/half-beastman status, Kevin lives in the woods with his dog. Because of the fact that he has Beastman blood, he will turn into a werewolf at night, allowing his strength to increase a lot.

Kevin's Classes


The daughter of the Queen of Altena, she's a little spoiled and has little respect for authority. However, she is quite good at magic (later on, anyway).

Angela's Classes


A noble Amazon warrior that wields a spear. Possibly the most cool-headed character in the game, and practically the polar opposite of Angela.

  • Trivia: "Amazon" is already a word referred to women only; therefore, "Amazoness" is a translation error.

Lise's Classes


An orphan who lives in the church in Holy City Wendell who was raised by a man named Heath. She is the youngest of all six characters and can be quite childish at times. Her biggest asset to the party is her healing magic.

Carlie's Classes