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Hidden Objects[edit]

Each of the areas 1-7 in the first four zones contains exactly one of the following secret objects:

Seikima II Item 5Money.png Large Money Bag While you can obtain these large bags worthing $5 by killing enemies in short time period, you can discover some more in certain locations. Jump in the location to reveal them.
Seikima II Item Elixer.png Elixir of Blood More potions for life points are always welcome. Jump in certain locations to discover these additional potions.
Hidden enemies Some of the enemies are hidden in certain locations. You must shoot at the location once to make them appear, and destroy them once they start to move, to claim a bonus of 5000 points.

They can be found at the following locations:

Hidden Rooms[edit]

All hidden rooms use similar layout.

There is exactly one room in each of the first four zones, containing a secret entrance to a hidden room. You will need to clear the corresponding main room by collecting all items, then you can pass through the entrance and visit the hidden room. There is nothing but a lot of money bags for you to collect. Notice that if you leave the hidden room before collecting all of the money bags, the rest will disappear when you leave.

Special Commands[edit]

While at the title screen:

  • Stage Select: Enter this command on Controller I: B buttonA buttonA buttonB buttonA buttonA buttonB buttonA buttonA buttonA buttonB buttonA buttonB button, and the zone number will be shown. Then you can select the zones with B button and A button. Notice that you may select the glitched zones with this method.
  • Continue: If you happen to lose all life points and return to title screen, hold B button+A button on Controller II, and press Start button on Controller I to start from the zone you have missed.