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SenBasa chara Kenshin.png
  • Max HP: 37100
  • Weapon: Katana
  • Attribute: Ice
  • Unlock: From start

Kenshin Uesugi (Frost in Devil Kings) is the mysterious yet widely-known leader of the influential Uesugi Clan. Kenshin's effeminate appearance and small stature can be deceiving considering he is known as the "God of War." Despite the intimidating nickname, Kenshin is a firm believer of Buddhism and even goes so far as to protect ordinary citizens from rogue samurai. His nickname stems not only from his dominance on the battlefield, but also from his devout belief in the God of War Bishamonten. He has a loyal follower in his ninja subordinate, Kasuga.

Kenshin doesn't have the strength that his rival Shingen Takeda does, so to compensate, he uses speed. Kenshin has movement speed and overall attack speed that is well above average, in part due to his reflexes and skill with the sword. Kenshin practices the martial art of Iaido, and this is clear in his movements. Iaido focuses on the drawing of a sword to coincide with a sudden attack, as well as having complete control over the sword in its scabbard and out of it. His habit of constantly drawing and subsequently sheathing his sword is usually done in order to form an iai strike, present in a couple of his skills (Divine Slash and Divine Speed).

One easy combo for Kenshin is Square button Square button + Divine Fury Triangle button followed by another Square button-string or skill. A potential follow-up would be Divine Speed Triangle button + Square button-string.


Name Unlocked Notes
Divine Slash N/A Kenshin performs a quick iai slash.
Divine Fury N/A Kenshin performs a multitude of blindingly-fast slashes, trapping enemies until the final thrust.
Divine Formation Level 7 Ice attribute. Kenshine freezes the air around him, locking surrounding enemies into a motionless and incredibly vulnerable state.
Divine Speed Level 16 Kenshin begins a run at high speed. He can perform iai slashes along the way with Square button.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Ozuosamitsu 540 25 Kenshin's starting weapon. A slender long sword that's light and easy to handle.
Immovable Sword 645 50 Better performance than Ozuosamitsu.
Disturbing Snow 895 199 Ice attribute. Deals ice damage on contact, freezing enemies.
Deadly Snow 695 1985 The longest sword with the highest defensive power of all of Kenshin's swords.
Large Snowfall 1295 943 Ice attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
Bouquet 1293 1500 A fascinating bouquet gifted with a sweet whisper.