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SenBasa chara Masamune.png
  • Max HP: 51200
  • Weapon: Six swords
  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Unlock: From start

Masamune Date (Azure Dragon in Devil Kings) is the main character of Sengoku Basara alongside Yukimura Sanada. He is the young leader of his own army, is adept at horse-riding, and epitomizes style. Due to the latter, his army has a gangster-like appearance and he commonly uses English phrases. His skills follow this example, as in the original Japanese version, they have names that are entirely in English.

Masamune usually wields a sword in battle, though he can wield up to six. His use of six swords is activated temporarily after performing a BASARA attack or by using the WAR DANCE skill. However, use of the WAR DANCE skill isn't recommended within large crowds or in the range of a boss due to its long start-up time. In the original Japanese version of the game, Masamune is also capable of using six swords at all times by equipping the Infinite Six Swords accessory, making him much more powerful. Otherwise, Masamune's simple use of swordsmanship makes him one of the more basic characters of the game, and an ideal choice for beginners. His stats are all average, giving him good balance that becomes advantageous on higher levels.

MAGNUM STEP is the most useful of Masamune's skills, as it has a short start-up time and is easily capable of destroying obstacles and defenses such as shields. Some good combos when facing crowds of enemies are MAGNUM STEP followed by DEATH FANG and an aerial Square button string, finished off by a BASARA attack, or the activation of WAR DANCE followed by an Square button string, finished off by repeated MAGNUM STEPs.


Name Unlocked Notes
JET-X N/A Masamune crosses his six swords and slashes forward.
DEATH FANG N/A Masamune launches the enemy using three swords in one hand.
MAGNUM STEP Level 3 Lightning attribute. Masamune rushes forward with three swords in one hand and mows down the enemy.
WAR DANCE Level 7 Masamune uses six swords for a temporary period of time. His normal attacks are more powerful, but his defense is lowered.
HELL DRAGON Level 18 Lightning attribute. Masamune charges energy with his sword, then shoots it forward.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Kagehide 540 25 Masamune's starting weapon. A sword that's easy to handle.
Claw Breaker 645 50 Better performance than Kagehide. Made with high-quality tamahagane (Japanese steel).
Dragon Fang 895 199 Lightning attribute. The sword emits sparks of lightning when Masamune attacks, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
Long Bite 695 1985 Lower attack power than Dragon Fang, but has the highest defensive power of all of Masamune's swords.
Furious Dragon 1295 943 Lightning attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
Alastor 1495 1495 Lightning attribute. The legendary sword from Devil May Cry, tinged with blue lightning. Ultimate attack power and defensive power.