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SenBasa chara Nobunaga.png
  • Max HP: 53200
  • Weapon: Curved sword and sawed-off shotgun
  • Attribute: Darkness
  • Unlock: From start

Nobunaga Oda (Devil King in Devil Kings) is the main character of Devil Kings and the antagonist of Sengoku Basara, acting as a final boss on some occasions. Nobunaga rules his army with an iron fist, motivating his soldiers to take territory through fear. His most loyal commanders are his wife, Nouhime, his page, Ranmaru Mori, and the mentally-unstable Mitsuhide Akechi.

Nobunaga's use of two different types of weapons, a sword and a shotgun, gives him some versatility on the battlefield, allowing him to perform both melee and ranged attacks in one combo. Crimson Barrier is a good skill for its ability to knock down crowds, but it has a long recovery time (which can be canceled with Nobunaga's BASARA attack). Wailing souls can attack up to four soldiers, greatly increasing his strength, but he will be unable to guard against a counterattack if he is hit. Use of the BASARA skill right before a counterattack completely negates it, but even with this strategy, Wailing Souls is more of a liability. Deadly Disease also comes with a disadvantage in the form of slower movement speed, but it also increases Nobunaga's defense to enemy attacks, making it one of the more useful skills (unless you favor quick combos, in which case Distant Thunder and Troubling Thorns are better options).

A useful combo is Nobunaga's Square button-string. Perform a jumping Square button followed by a standard Square button-string for an easy to repeat combo. This combo can also be mixed with Distant Thunder. Nobunaga's BASARA skill is also very useful, and should be used regularly.


Name Unlocked Notes
Distant Thunder N/A A powerful spread shot from Nobunaga's shotgun. Can be continued for multiple shots and can also be combined with sword attacks.
Crimson Barrier N/A Nobunaga sweeps his cloak at surrounding enemies, blasting them back.
Troubling Thorns Level 6 Numerous thorns spring up to surround Nobunaga, impaling nearby enemies.
Wailing Souls Level 14 Nobunaga consumes the souls of the enemies he kills. Press Triangle button to release them. Take damage while holding souls and they will fight back, hurting Nobunaga.
Deadly Disease Level 18 Darkness attribute. Requires a full Basara gauge. Nobunaga spreads a miasma into the air that kills all surrounding enemies.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Kunishige 540 25 Nobunaga's starting weapon. A long one-handed sword made to be handled in conjunction with a gun.
Nagamitsu 645 50 Better performance than Kunishige. Made from high-quality tamahagane (Japanese steel).
Demon Slayer Kunitsuna 895 100 Darkness attribute. When Nobunaga attacks, he absorbs physical strength, but when he gets hit, he loses it.
Twin Blade World Splitter 695 1985 Lower attack power than Demon Slayer Kunitsuna, but has the highest defensive power of all of Nobunaga's swords.
Demon King Conqueror of the Heavens 1295 745 Darkness attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
Harisen 994 1495 A Japanese slapping fan, usually used in comedy acts. Nobunaga pours all of his energy into being the tsukkomi (straight man) to the enemy.