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SenBasa chara Nouhime.png
  • Max HP: 31400
  • Weapon: Twin pistols
  • Attribute: Fire
  • Unlock: From start

Nouhime (Lady Butterfly in Devil Kings) is the elegant wife of the villainous Demon King, Nobunaga Oda. Like her husband, she wields firearms in battle, as well as making use of a variety of kicks. However, despite her undying love for Nobunaga, the contrast between them is clear, as she has the mannerisms of a princess and is much more merciful, especially with children. Still, she would do anything to please Nobunaga, making her one of his most unconditionally loyal commanders.

Nouhime has the largest reach of all playable characters, with the ability to shoot enemies out of the sky. She also has an exceptional movement speed, but her attack power, defense power, and physical strength are all below average. A normal Square button attack is a simple gunshot from each pistol and has a slow recovery time, which can be canceled by jumping or using the BASARA skill. Nouhime's lackluster normal attacks can be remedied with the Passing of the Dragonfly skill, which allows her to perform normal attacks while on the move. A normal attack can also be useful as a follow-up to Leap of the Sweetfish, before Nouhime shoots.

Roar of the Serpent and Awakening of the Butterfly are useful in taking out surrounding enemies, a feat not easily accomplished with a long-range weapon, and can also form high combos.


Name Unlocked Notes
Black Lizard N/A An impressive spinning kick that knocks back nearby enemies.
Leap of the Sweetfish N/A Nouhime launches enemies into the air with the barrel of her rifle, then shoots.
Roar of the Serpent Level 4 Nouhime sweeps enemies with a gatling gun. Continuously press Triangle button to extend the shooting time.
Awakening of the Butterfly Level 9 Nouhime attacks enemies with impressive combat techniques. Continuously press Triangle button to add attacks.
Passing of the Dragonfly Level 13 Shooting while in motion is enabled, although Nouhime can only aim straight ahead.
Dance of the Skylark Level 17 Fire attribute. Nouhime shoots numerous bullets in all directions, wiping out the enemies that surround her.


Name Max Stats (level 99) Notes
Cicada & Heat Haze 525 35 Nouhime's starting weapon. Twin pistols used as a set.
Dominant King & Charming King 595 50 Better performance than Cicada & Heat Haze with longer barrels.
Swallowtail & Crested Serpent Eagle 795 239 Fire attribute. Nouhime's bullets burn enemies upon contact, giving lasting damage.
Fires in the Sky & Flames of the Earth 695 1985 Lower attack power than Swallowtail & Crested Serpent Eagle, but has the highest defensive power of all of Nouhime's guns.
Illusion & Mystery 995 893 Fire attribute. Excellent attack power and defensive power.
Twin Guns Ebony & Ivory 1195 1295 The legendary guns from Devil May Cry that have killed numerous demons.