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Sengoku Basara SH character Kotaro.png
Element Weapon Faction
Wind Dual Ninjatou Eastern Army


Kotaro Fuma pre-battle

Kotaro Fuma is a mysterious ninja who's never uttered a word. His legendary status is a force to be reckoned with, as it has been said that once you see Kotaro, you lose your life. Kotaro is loyal to the highest bidder - in Samurai Heroes, that bidder is Ujimasa Hojo. As it turns out, the Hojo clan has suffered some major losses and damages since the invasion of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. But after the death of Hideyoshi, Ujimasa works to restore the clan, starting with the hiring of the legendary ninja Kotaro. Throughout Kotaro's story in which he quietly follows directions and fights for Ujimasa, he saves the life of the Oracle Tsuruhime, who proceeds to develop a crush on him.


Name Description Notes Learned Level Up
Spindrive Kicks enemies into the air with swords. Can hold as level up, becomes grab move. Lv.1 Lv.25
Dash Races forward with ninja swords spinning in both hands. N/A Lv.1 N/A
Disperse Transforms self into multiple shuriken, pulling in and cutting enemies up. Works in air. Lv.5 N/A
Counter Teleports over to and slices up enemies that attack while writing seals. N/A Lv.10 N/A
Seal Sends enemies within sealed area into the air. Works in air. Hold to teleport to enemy side. Lv.20 N/A
Shuriken Throws a giant shuriken at enemies. Works in air. Lv.35 N/A
Izuna Grabs enemies, leaps into the air, and smashes them headfirst into the ground. Works in air. Lv.50 N/A


Name Description Attribute Accessory
Twin Strikes A Kotaro Fuma's basic weapon. None N/A
Twin Strikes B Increases the size of the Health Gauge (S).
Twin Radiants A Chance of extra wind based attack damage. Wind 5% Enemy guard break and dizzy chance up (S).
Twin Radiants B Increases defense power (S).
Twin Remnants A BASARA gauge fills quicker than normal. None Increases BASARA Art attack power (M).
Twin Remnants B Increases attack power during Hero Time (M).
Twin Zeroes A Chance of extra wind based attack damage. Wind 10% Receive 1 Zenny for every KO.
Twin Zeroes B Receive 1 XP for every KO.
Twin Strikes (Reforged) Fits more accessories than the original. None N/A
Twin Strikes (Gold) Gold weapon that cannot fit accessories. None Luck up (L), acquire 4 Zennys for every KO.