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Sengoku Basara SH character Motonari.png
Element Weapon Faction
Light Ring Blade Western Army

The time has come.

Motonari Mori pre-battle

Motonari Mori is a young, genius daimyo who will do anything for victory. He sees his soldiers as mere pawns, and many of said soldiers even fear him. In Samurai Heroes, Motonari works largely with Yoshitsugu Otani behind the scenes, and the two conspire to take over Japan by using Mitsunari Ishida's anger for Ieyasu Tokugawa as a quick way to take down the powerful general. Though Motonari has a partnership with Yoshitsugu, all he truly cares about is himself and his region, Chugoku. Motochika Chosokabe acts as a rival for Motonari due to their clashing personalities and beliefs. Being a professional tactician, Motonari's battle style is a bit more complicated than those of the other characters. Motonari relies largely on setting traps to trick foes, giving his battles a technical edge.


Name Description Notes Learned Level Up
Bowmen Calls on bowmen to give support fire. Hold to aim. Length increases as level up. Lv. 1 Lv. 15, Lv. 35
Whirlwind Jumps and spins in the air, sending enemies flying with split ring blade. N/A Lv. 1 N/A
Barrier Makes arrow-proof wall. Hit wall to move it. Makes 2 as level up, can hold to pull enemies in. Lv. 5 Lv. 25, Lv. 45
Decoy Creates a hologram that fools enemies into attacking it. Explodes after fixed time. Lv. 10 N/A
Brainwash Converts enemies into allies. Lasts until player takes damage. Can convert more as level up. Lv. 20 Lv. 40
Ray Throws ring blade into the air and fires a beam of light from it. Hold to aim beam. Lv. 30 N/A
Trap Creates a ring of light that crushes enemies. Charge to expand ring and increase length. Lv. 50 N/A


Name Description Attribute Accessory
Last Eidolon A Motonari Mori's basic weapon. None N/A
Last Eidolon B Increases the size of the Health Gauge (S).
Quantum Mirage A Chance of extra light based attack damage. Light 5% Enemy guard break and dizzy chance up (S).
Quantum Mirage B Increases defense power (S).
Gravity Rainbow A BASARA Gauge fills quicker than normal. None Increases BASARA Art attack power (M).
Gravity Rainbow B Increases attack power during Hero Time (M).
Celestial Havoc A Chance of extra light based attack damage. Light 10% Receive 1 Zenny for every KO.
Celestial Havoc B Receive 1 XP for every KO.
Last Eidolon (Reforged) Fits more accessories than the original. None N/A
Last Eidolon (Gold) Gold weapon that cannot fit accessories. None Luck up (L), acquire 4 Zennys for every KO.