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Yanagigori, Seinodairiseki

Sekigahara: Intrusion is the final stage on Kanbe Kuroda's red route and Nobunaga Oda's blue route. The final bosses are Ieyasu Tokugawa and Mitsunari Ishida, who are currently locked in war for the fate of Japan.


Sengoku Basara SH map Intrusion.png

There are two parts to this map; the first simply consists of a line of camps on either side, with orange representing Ieyasu's troops and red representing Mitsunari's. However, taking these camps and keeping them is not as simple as it sounds, as the soldiers on both sides seem to be infinitely supplied; this includes Squad Leaders and Occupational Chiefs. This is where the fun comes in. If playing on PlayStation 3, this is a good place to get the combo trophies. The first Special Reward requires you to get 1,000 KOs. The second Special Reward requires you to get a 10,000 hit combo. It sounds difficult but if you have a quick character you're comfortable with, 10,000 hits should go by quickly. KOs fill up your Basara and Hero Time gauges, and if you're able to use Hero Time, you can keep it going for much longer than you might be able to on a normal stage. KOs keep Hero Time going, so rack them up and the enemies should be going in slow motion for a long while.

This map only gets difficult when Tadakatsu Honda and Yoshitsugu Otani appear. Originally, these two were fighting each other, but they have no problem with teaming up against you. Defeating Tadakatsu actually isn't necessary; you can defeat him first for extra experience, but it's Yoshitsugu that ends the battle. Defeat him and he will release the beads that have created a gate, giving you access to the final bosses. At the top of the long path are Ieyasu and Mitsunari, engaged in an intense fight only to turn to acknowledge your general's entrance. At this point, they will both come for you. Mitsunari is much quicker but Ieyasu can charge his punches, packing more power. Despite the danger of keeping them together, it works well if you can attack them both with the same combo; isolating them may be safer but much slower. Also take note that, if you defeat Mitsunari first, Tadakatsu may still be in play to help out Ieyasu. Defeat them both to clear the stage and claim Japan for yourself.