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Sengoku Basara SH character Tadakatsu.png
Element Weapon Faction
Lightning Drill Spear Eastern Army

Let us go to the real battle, Tadakatsu.

Ieyasu Tokugawa to Tadakatsu Honda pre-battle

Tadakatsu Honda is a general of the Eastern Army, working under the Eastern Army's leader Ieyasu Tokugawa as his vassal. He is one of the strangest of the playable generals, considering his size and stature as a giant robot. Tadakatsu has something of a rivalry with Yoshihiro Shimazu, one which has been going on for quite some time. In his Ultimate Samurai Challenge route, (a route which only he and Yoshihiro have access to), Tadakatsu can choose to challenge participating generals (including his lifelong rival) to earn the title of Japan's strongest samurai. As a fighter, Tadakatsu is slow but powerful; his dash alone is enough to hurt enemy soldiers. His Super Arts are, to fit in with his robotic nature, modes which he can activate; this includes a mode which gives him the ability to fly across the battlefield and a mode which allows him to fire cannons from his back.


Name Description Notes Learned Level Up
Support Mode Activates support units that automatically attack enemies in the area. N/A Lv.1 N/A
Dash Mode Slashes spear horizontally. Hold SA button after to combo into dash attack. Lv.1 N/A
Artillery Mode Fires armor mounted cannons. NA button to fire. Aim with stick. Cannot move while activated. Lv.5 N/A
Shock Mode Sends support units into the air, then they fire lightning down into spear. N/A Lv.10 N/A
Heavy Mode Equips front assault heavy armor. All attacks change. Walking only. Cannot guard or evade. Lv.20 N/A
Flight Mode Equips afterburners that increase movement speed. Jump button to fly in air. Lv.30 N/A
Electromagnetic Mode Activates an EM field that hits enemies in range. Health slowly drains while activated. Lv.40 N/A


Name Description Attribute Accessory
Black Spear A Tadakatsu Honda's basic weapon. None N/A
Black Spear B Increases the size of the Health Gauge (S).
Dynamic Spear A Chance of extra lightning based attack damage. Lightning 5% Enemy guard break and dizzy chance up (S).
Dynamic Spear B Increases defense power (S).
Dual Spear A BASARA Gauge fills quicker than normal. None Increases BASARA Art attack power (M).
Dual Spear B Increases attack power during Hero Time (M).
Mitsuyo's Spear A Chance of extra lightning based attack damage. Lightning 10% Receive 1 Zenny for every KO.
Mitsuyo's Spear B Receive 1 XP for every KO.
Norwegian Wood A Proud and strong like a warrior. None Attack up when all 3 gauges are full (L).
Norwegian Wood B An additional 1 hit is added to the hit count.
Black Spear (Reforged) Fits more accessories than the original. None N/A
Black Spear (Gold) Gold weapon that cannot fit accessories. None Luck up (L), acquire 4 Zennys for every KO.