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Sengoku Basara SH character Tsuruhime.png
Element Weapon Faction
Ice Bow and Arrows Eastern Army

I will find the truth!

Tsuruhime pre-battle

Tsuruhime is a young priestess with not much knowledge of the outside world, having been secluded in her homeland her whole life. Many refer to her as the Oracle for her ability to look into the future, and some generals visit her during their routes to make sure they're utilizing the right battle tactics for the situation. Her story begins when she is rescued during a naval battle by Kotaro Fuma; immediately afterward, she becomes infatuated with him, referring to him as her "Twilight Ninja" and searching for him throughout her travels. Tsuruhime is shown to be quite gullible when she's tricked into joining the Western Army by Yoshitsugu Otani through false kindness; Magoichi Saica gives the naive Oracle many blatant hints before she finally realizes that she's being manipulated. Tsuruhime has a straightforward battle style, consisting of shooting enemies with arrows from a distance. She has a small rivalry with Motochika Chosokabe, as both specialize in naval warfare.


Name Description Notes Learned Level Up
Pinpoint Shot Fires a straight, piercing arrow. Hold SA button to aim. Release during flash for damage bonus. Lv.1 N/A
Rain of Arrows Takes out enemies with many arrows. SA button can be held. Release during flash for damage bonus. Lv.1 N/A
Mindstream Shot Jumps back, shooting arrows in a fan shape. Press forward to perform a jump attack. Lv.5 N/A
Nayuta Issen Attack with an astonishing arrow. SA button can be held. Release during flash for damage bonus. Lv.10 N/A
Infinite Arrows Creates a protective ring (protects 1 time). Attack width up. Length increases as level up. Lv.20 Lv.30, Lv.40
Pure of Heart Wins enemies over. BASARA Gauge fills when they are near. Recover more as level up. Lv.25 Lv.35, Lv.50
Bubble Maker Traps enemies in bubbles released from an arrow. Charge to increase attack range. Lv.40 N/A


Name Description Attribute Accessory
Iyo Bow A Tsuruhime's basic weapon. None N/A
Iyo Bow B Increases the size of the Health Gauge (S).
Frost Bow A Chance of extra ice based attack damage. Ice 5% Enemy guard break and dizzy chance up (S).
Frost Bow B Increases defense power (S).
Sacred Bow A BASARA Gauge fills quicker than normal. None Increases BASARA Art attack power (M).
Sacred Bow B Increases attack power during Hero Time (M).
Wing Bow A Chance of extra ice based attack damage. Ice 10% Receive 1 Zenny for every KO.
Wing Bow B Receive 1 XP for every KO.
Iyo Bow (Reforged) Fits more accessories than the original. None N/A
Iyo Bow (Gold) Gold weapon that cannot fit accessories. None Luck up (L), acquire 4 Zennys for every KO.