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Sengoku Basara SH character Yukimura.png
Element Weapon Faction
Fire Dual Jumonji Yari Western Army

The blood of Takeda pumps through my heart!

Yukimura Sanada pre-battle

Yukimura Sanada is one of the main characters of the franchise alongside his rival, Masamune Date. His story in Samurai Heroes starts off when the leader of his army and the man he greatly idolizes, Takeda Shingen, falls ill. Being Takeda's strongest general, his skills are put to the test when he is forced to lead his master's forces during the great war between the Eastern and Western armies. Despite his strong will and courage on the battlefield, Yukimura proves to be a bit incompetent as a leader; unlike his rival Masamune, Yukimura prefers to take a straight path to victory, no tricks allowed. He wields twin spears (a set of Jumonji Yari) on the battlefield, and despite his hot-headed and competitive nature, Yukimura never fails to be a good opponent for the Dragon of Oshu. His affiliation to Takeda has earned him the nickname "Tiger of Kai".


Name Description Notes Learned Level Up
Ring of Fire Lifts enemies up into the air with a cyclone. Hold SA button to add air attack. Lv.1 N/A
Flint Sprint Dashes forward and cuts down enemies. Hold SA button to change dash distance. Lv.1 N/A
Flare Storm Unleashes a flurry of quick strikes. Works in air. Comboable. Adds attacks as level up. Lv.5 Lv.25
Phoenix Fire Jumps high in the air and comes down in a double spear attack. N/A Lv.10 N/A
Blaze Kick Uses his spears as a base to spin kick enemies. SA/NA buttons: vertical/horizontal spin kicks. Comboable. Horizontal spin kick abilities increase as level up. Lv.20 Lv.40
Tiger Cannon Punches enemies with a fierce fiery fist. Combos into Normal Arts. Lv.35 N/A
Fired Up Focuses energy and powers up attack/defense. Press repeatedly to extend up to level 2. Lv.50 N/A


Name Description Attribute Accessory
Scarlet Spears A Yukimura Sanada's basic weapon. None N/A
Scarlet Spears B Increases the size of the Health Gauge (S).
Phoenix Feathers A Chance of extra fire based attack damage. Fire 5% Enemy guard break and dizzy chance up (S).
Phoenix Feathers B Increases defense power (S).
Crimson Fangs A BASARA Gauge fills quicker than normal. None Increases BASARA Art attack power (M).
Crimson Fangs B Increases attack power during Hero Time (M).
Breaths of Fire A Chance of extra fire based attack damage. Fire 10% Receive 1 Zenny for every KO.
Breaths of Fire B Receive 1 XP for every KO.
Scarlet Spears (Reforged) Fits more accessories than the original. None N/A
Scarlet Spears (Gold) Gold weapon that cannot fit accessories. None Luck up (L), acquire 4 Zennys for every KO.