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Portrait Name Role(s) Description Quarters Objectives Involved
Garrit Sherova
  • Player Character
  • Medic
  • Captain (Act 3)

  • Digital Messiah (certain endings)

The story's protagonist, the player gains control of Garrit Sherova shortly after he crash lands on the ICARUS, with initially very little revealed about his background.

It is later revealed that Garrit is actually an Android created by _ and that he's actually destined to become the prophesied Digital Messiah.

None All
Hather Karjenum
Hather Karjenum
  • Engineer
  • Ally (if saved)
He's first found, severely wounded, in the game's prologue where he can be saved by Garrit Sherova depending on the player's choices. If saved, he befriends Garrit and can offer him hints for progressing through the game's second act.
  • Save Hather Karjenum
  • Activate Solar Shields
Dania Luvey
Dania Luvey
  • Medical
  • Former-Captain's Widow
  • Accessory to murder

Lollie Downle
Lollie Downle