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Box artwork for Settlement Survival.
Settlement Survival
Developer(s)Gleamer Studio
Publisher(s)Gleamer Studio
Year released2021
ModesSingle player
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Settlement Survival is a survival and city building simulator developed and published by Gleamer Studio. Players will exploit the surrounding terrain for natural resources and build a town, while managing its resources and supply chains. The game is heavily inspired by Banished.

Gather Resources and construct Buildings to expand your town and watch it thrive. Build fields for plants, and pastures for ranching - for a list of available foodstuffs, see the Food and Resources pages.

Similar to other city builders, individual citizens cannot be micromanaged, but instead can be assigned to various tasks that they will complete at their own pace. Various buildings provide jobs for citizens, who must be tasked on them to work. Fewer individuals tasked on a structure may result in fewer resources or reduced efficiency, and thus players must carefully manage their workforce and balance it across several needs.

As the city expands, its requirements, complexity, and supply chains can increase. Raw foods can become processed foods, which can then be combined into various dishes that are far more appetizing than its base components. A loss of needed resources can result in other services failing, resulting in a cascade of failures that can ruin a colony.

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