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Humanoids are the main enemies of the game and make up the bulk of enemies the player faces. They consist of mass-constructed machines and cyborg-like creatures. No one knows who created them or where they came from.

Some of the humanoid bosses are named after German numbers (Ein is one in German, Zwei is two, Drei is three, Zex (Sechs) is six). This may be equivocal to the ranks each humanoind holds in the army.

Foot soldiers[edit]

These common enemies are usually mass produced. Considered to be cannon fodder, foot soldiers attack the player en masse. They lack intelligence and power, meaning that they can only use the force of their overwhelming numbers to defeat their opponents.

Type 1 humanoid[edit]

A robot that is utilized in many territories by the humanoids. It is a slender, tan-colored robot which possesses slow speed and a weak defense. The weakest and most common humanoid utilized in the game, they don't pose much of a threat to the player.

Ninja Humanoid[edit]

A slightly more capable humanoid model resembling that of a clawed ninja. They boast a higher speed rating than the type 1 humanoids and have increased artificial intelligence as well. They still feature a weak defense rating however, and they don't attack very often, making them susceptible to a concentrated attack.

Ninja Humanoid MK-II[edit]

The second version of the Ninja series. Their attack, speed, and defense is identical to the original model, (as is their appearance), but they sport two long knives attached to their limbs, permitting more efficient attacks. They also attack at rapid intervals, adding a new jump attack in their arsenal.

Gunbarrel Humanoid[edit]

A large humanoid sporting a large cannon on its left arm and somewhat resembling a large bodybuilder. Its armor is capable of taking a large amount of damage. It uses it gun for long range combat, and punches when the player gets close. It is slow to respond to threats, not retaliating until the player has done sufficient damage to it, and its punch attack, while powerful, can easily be guarded by the player.

Wolf humanoid[edit]

A bipedal wolf with human features, the wolf humanoid incorporates a camouflage-like ability for surprise attacks, along with sharp claws for rendering flesh. It is agile, and can take more damage than the standard robot models. It is best disposed of with a good mix of defense and offense to ward off its claw attacks.

Zombie Humanoid[edit]

A fairly new type of humanoid, it is purple in appearance with a vaguely human type form, albeit with disfigured features. It uses an organic-like sword and is created from the corpses of dead humans. It has good defense and a competent offense.


An immense robot humanoid that uses powerful fist attacks and can survive an incredible amount of punishment from the player. Its movements are slow and it lacks a distance attack (although its arms have a long reach). It is best attacked in short bursts before it retaliates with its powerful punch, as it can not be blocked, and strikes with incredible accuracy.

Frame model humanoids[edit]

A humanoid with the features of a woman, it has a unique physiology in that its upper body consists of a see-through cage-like structure lacking any internal organs. They are equipped with curved blades and move fairly slowly towards their targets. Slightly more effective than type 1 humanoids in terms of power and armor.

Heavy humanoids[edit]

Fat humanoids with resilient skin and an obese body. They attack by rolling quickly into their opponents using their heavy girth.

Boss characters[edit]

More powerful humanoids that the player must fight one-on-one and serve as the games bosses. The boss characters often play a role in the game's overall plot.


The first boss Natoe encounters in the game. Roughly standing around 10', has pale skin covered in strange tattoos, and has blood red hair. Zex is a humanoid obsessed with becoming stronger, and uses his superhuman speed and strength to rend enemies to pieces. Zex has a sadistic and aggressive personality, and enjoys death and destruction.

He consumes humans, ripping flesh piece by piece while enjoying his victims' screams with his sharp nails. While very well built, he pales in comparison to Natoe's power, as he is disposed of without much effort.

  • Zex 1.5: Zex's upgraded form. He appears exactly the same as before, except he is more aggressive in his fighting style and incorporates a quick regeneration system.
  • Zex Beast: After appealing to his creator, Zex receives a more powerful upgrade after his second defeat. He becomes much larger, and his features become more mutated and inorganic; he receives metal appendages for arms. His skin is noticeably torn from his increased muscle growth, and he gains beast-like fangs along with a noticeable ferocity added to his personality. However, this leads to his demise, as his wild attacks fail to reach their targets, and his constant rampages lead to exhaustion, allowing ample opportunity for counterattack.
  • Ulimate Zex: Zex's final attempt at victory after his third defeat. Due to his decapitation after the last fight, his head region is the only appendage left from his original body. He now is even larger than before, sporting a large robot body resembling a snake with arms. He now incorporates powerful ion beam attacks in his repertoire, along with powerful physical attacks. He can take amazing amounts of damage due to reinforced armor. However, rushed completion of the body and its components makes this form less than "ultimate".


Zwei is one of the many lieutenants of the Humanoid army, serving below the great Ein himself. She leads a trio of super humans, and constantly refers to Natoe as her "pet". Unbeknownst to Ein, she plans to secretly overthrow him and lead the Humanoids herself. She attacks with various airborne physical attacks and magic.


The leader of the humanoids and the first ever created. He believes the humanoids to be superior to humans, and utilizes the massive humanoid army to accomplish his task of enslaving them. Later in the game, it is revealed he is a "half" of the god Almana, along with Cue. He uses the magical blade Sword of Agathion and incantations via a spell book.

White Fox[edit]

A ninja-like humanoid that wears a fox mask. He utilizes the Sword of Lamentation as his weapon, and features intense agility and speed. Natoe encounters him several times in the game, with White Fox mysteriously reviving after each defeat. His last encounter ends with a battle in the sewers, in which Natoe defeats him for good.


A general to Ein's humanoid army and his previous student. Fen is a powerful humanoid that features a rapid regenerative capability that permits him immortality and almost complete immunity to attacks. He loathes his never-ending life however, and requests Natoe to kill him so he can rest in peace. His weapon is the immense and powerful Mictlan.


Necryl is a small, diminutive humanoid that resides in the blast Furnace of the scrap yard. Manipulative and heartless, he is the killer of Totsuma's younger sister. When confronted by Totsuma for revenge, he captures him and threatens to torture him. However, Natoe intervenes, killing Necryl.


The top-ranking scientist of the humanoid army and the creator of Zex. He constructs and oversees the production of Ein's army. He is very eccentric, thinking of nothing but his experiments and how to further his latest project. He commonly captures humans for experimentation purposes and revels in his research. Ein believes Drei is dedicated to the humanoid army and cause, but in reality Drei only wishes to use the war to engage in his horrifying mutations on test subjects to create the "ultimate being".

Hidden bosses[edit]

In the third chapter "Vanishing love petals", the player may complete optional sidequests to encounter more boss characters. It is unknown weather or not they are canon to the story.


A hidden boss character in the game, Tsugaki-Dayuu is a kunochi-like humanoid with the ability to don a disguise of a female Geisha. In the city, she seduces men into her hotel establishment, killing them. She attempts to fool Natoe, only to be destroyed. Her weapon is to use her hair as a slicing device.


An immense and powerful humanoid that was sealed away in the city, Oniwaka is a dangerous humanoid that has killed 999 victims with his Zi Xiao Gong. After breaking his seal, Natoe encounters Oniwaka, defeating him.


Carrying the title of "The most powerful humanoid hunter", Ushiwaka was another powerful humanoid who was sealed away because of his immense power. Natoe broke his seal after defeating Oniwaka and dueled him atop a city bridge until his defeat. His weapon is the powerful and legendary Bizen Kagenori.

Gohtenmaru and Hanzo[edit]

A gigantic machine constructed from junk parts. Created by a hunter named Hanzo, Gohtenmaru features a flamethrower, needle projectiles, and large arms for offensive techniques. Natoe encounters Hanzo in the Red light district where he challenges him for possession of his swords. Natoe accepts the challenge, defeating Gohtenmaru and Hanzo in a giant arena.


A hunter who utilizes a guitar to send musical shockwaves at his foe. Pyro is an African American who wears 70s style clothing and uses simplistic martial arts. After provoking him, he challenges Natoe to a battle, ending with his demise.


A muscular female assassin, Mozomuni is a master of agility and speed, able to leap buildings and dash similar to a ninja. She uses a mixture of poison needles, martial arts, and her knife to dispatch enemies. Natoe encounters her in the "Upper Area Ward" of the city, killing her.