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Seven Samurai 20XX is a hack and slash video game, as the protagonist of the game is faced with the task of destroying overwhelming hordes of enemies with his swords. Like many others of its genre, it utilizes a combo system, showing the player how many uninterrupted hits they have inflicted upon their opponents.

The main point of the game is to constantly utilize the second sword which is carried in the protagonist's sheath, allowing the player to achieve a larger combo score. Skill-related battle commands such as the Nitou-Ryu mode which allows the player to wield a second katana for a limited time, increase the speed, range and power of the players combos.

Battle maneuvers[edit]

Nitou-Ryu mode is a duration of time engaged when the player presses L1 button and R1 button. It permits the protagonist to use a second blade for a limited amount of time to increase attack power and range of the weapons. As the player progresses in the game, the length of the bar can be increased.

A Just guard allows the player to deflect an enemy's attack with skilfully timed uses of Triangle button. It allows the player to avoid damage and generates a counter-attack opportunity. This move also fully refills the Nitou-Ryu timer to 100% of its capacity.

A Just Step is executed with proper timing of Cross button and allows the player to avoid an enemy's attack and "step" (in game, it looks more akin to a teleport) behind the enemy for a counter attack. This move partially refills the Nitou-Ryu timer. A Just attack allows Natoe to travel in the direction of one or more enemies at great speed, breaking their defense. This move also partially refills the Nitou-Ryu meter. The game also incorporates various Street Fighter-like combos and "Charge attacks" which occur when holding the square button at various combos and when dashing with Cross button.