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In this level, Lo Wang needs to meet Master Leep for help on the situation. Master Leep is the mentor, a


You start outside the temple entrance, with a few items in the corners. Strike the gong in the middle to open the door. There are a few of Zilla's soldiers inisde, which can be easily killed. In this first room, you can get the gas bomb from a cabinet on the right-side of the center pillar and sticky bombs in the carousel. If desired, you should get the first secret in Master Leep's Throne (described below) to get a missile launcher.

Enter the door to the right, and clear the next room. The important enemies are the coolie who will detonate himself at close range, and the shadow evil ninja that will use his classic wall of fire attack. There is a grenade launcher in a closet, as well as a hint on a wall. When safe, jump onto the arrow-shaped switch to lower the prisoner into the fire and drop the gold key.

Open the gold key door, and quickly kill the two enemy ninjas hiding there. In this small room, you can get the bronze key. There's also a small passage covered with fire that contains a riot gun.

You can now swim through the water to reach and open the bronze key door. There are a few enemies in this area, but are easily handled.

On the other side of the door, two enemies will attempt to ambush you from the corner. However, there are a few explosive barrels near them, and they may be detonated. The area also leads to a large bath area. Look for a cracked wall, and use an explosive to blast it open. At the back, you can also dive to collect a few items as well. When the water level balances, you can reach the silver key, but picking it up causes a few enemies to appear.

Open one of the silver key doors on the north wall. The courtyard side door leads to a trapped corridor, while the one near the bath is closer to the enemies. In either case, you should see a lava-filled room with a spinning central pillar. Use this pillar to reach the other side. Also of interest is the secret nuclear warhead, and a fortune cookie in the back-left corner.

The next corridor leads to a set of explosive barrels, and leads outside to a mountain spire. Here, there are a large quantity of hornets, which are difficult to deal with because of their number (especially on higher difficulty levels). There are also ninjas on the opposite side of the chasm, making it likely easier to take the secret path instead.

When you reach Master Leep, there is a lever behind his chair. This opens a door for a teleporter leading to the other side of the chasm. From there, you can jump across the floating rocks. You should encounter a trap corridor with a crushing ceiling. Just past the barrier in the front, there's a control mechanism to the left that can be struck with a ranged weapon to raise the barrier.

In the following room, there is a wall ahead with glowing red sections, with six buttons surrounding the pool. These buttons will change the states of the large wall. To get the correct result, press the second right button, and the second and third left buttons. This opens the door in the pool below.

The underwater door leads to the exit area. First, a ripper guards the circular door. A few more rippers on the other side, and a coolie. The exit is just past the lit room, where entering the corridor lowers the ramp and requires you to dodge a few fireball shooters.


There are eight secrets on this level.

  1. Upon entering the first room, there's an alcove in the middle pillar saying "Master Leep's Throne". Blast the ceiling - the safest way to do so is to use one of the sticky bomb found in the nearby carousel. When you climb through the ceiling, you obtain the first secret. You can find a missile launcher here, by activating the carousel on the lower floor quickly climbing back to the second floor.
  2. In the first room with the forge, there's a picture with master Leep and his three daughters. Open it to get a portable medikit.
  3. After swimming through the water but before the bronze key door, there is a water fall. Jump above the waterfall and dive down for grenades and a fortune cookie.
  4. In the previous secret, there's a switch behind a turbine. Shoot it, and quickly head through the bronze key door, and turn right. The alcove contains a nuclear warhead.
  5. In the first lava room, there's a platform in the corner connecting to the previous room. In the facing corner, there is a button that can be shot to open a small alcove containing a nuclear warhead.
  6. After the lava room, you should come across a white rabbit. It will advance, and eventually jump off a cliff. If you follow the rabbit and jump, you will land in water where you can collect various items. It also leads to a small area where you can get a fortune cookie, and two teleporters (one a shortcut to Master Leep) and the other back to an earlier part of the map.
  7. After disarming the crushing ceiling trap, enter the area that contained the gears. Contains a fortune cookie.
  8. After you solve the 6-button puzzle, backtrack until you see an exposed area with sticky bombs near a ladder. Climb this ladder to get night vision goggles, a medkit, and armor.