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The fourteenth Colossus, Cenobia, is located in the far northwestern corner of the map at the end of a long ravine. Ride Agro north along the colonnade. Enter the ravine at any of the three points in the northwest region and continue northwest. Once you see a long path guarded by rows of pillars on each side, you're there. Follow them until you reach an abandoned city. Cenobia is located at the top of a long stairwell

Cenobia is rather similar to the Celosia, the small Colossus you fought earlier. Again, the Colossus is a cat-like creature resembling an armored lion, and again it has no visible weak spots to speak of. And as before, it likes to solve problems by ramming into them.

It should be known before you begin this battle that the trenches in this area are safe spots you can run to if seriously injured. Cenobia cannot reach Wander when he's in one of these trenches, though he will watch you intently. As soon as Cenobia leaps from the temple on the hill run to and climb on top of the fallen pillar to your left. What happens next is one of the only platforming sections in the entire game. The object is to leap from structure to structure and lead Cenobia around the battle area. If you stay too long on one platform, he will charge at it and possibly knock you off if you don't hang on.

Whenever you come to a pillar (like the one you started on, except still standing), climb to the top and crouch down. Cenobia will eventually ram the pillar and crouching prevents you from falling back to the ground. After one hit, he'll pace around the pillar. Equip the bow and fire an arrow at him. He'll ram the pillar again, this time knocking it completely down. Hang on as it falls, then let go just before it hits the ground - you'll land on your feet, on top of the fallen pillar. Using the pillar as a bridge, move to the next platform in line and repeat the process until you reach the large altar on the opposite side of the city. Climb to the top and jump onto the final pillar. Once Cenobia rams it twice, it will fall and you'll find your self back at the entrance of the city.

Climb back up to the entrance and locate Cenobia. Provoke him via arrow to ram on to the platform's supports. This will cause part of the floor to collapse on top of him, destroying a large portion of his armor. Equip your sword and climb on top of the stunned colossus. Get in as many hits as possible before he wakes back up and begins to shake you off. Now just hold on. Cenobia will backtrack through the level, eventually crossing a gap that will leave you hanging from a platform. Get on top and let him ram it. This will stun him again and should give you enough time to finish him off.

This boss is no different on Normal or Hard Modes