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The path to the Garden[edit]

Normally, you can only reach the secret garden area (where Mono walks after you beat the game) after beating all four game modes. If you can get your stamina increased enough, you can actually climb the back of the Shrine of Worship to reach the secret garden.

On the northeast corner of the temple, you will note some moss/ivy growing. If you try to climb this with typical vertical jumps, you'll notice that your stamina decreases very rapidly. The trick to reaching the garden is the diagonal jump. While holding onto the wall, simply point Neutral lstick either up and right, or up and left, then press Triangle button and release when the stamina meter is at its peak. With the diagonal jump, you lose far less stamina than with the normal vertical jump. Using this technique, you can make your stamina last long enough to get you to the secret garden.

When you reach the first ledge, the end closest to you will be partially obscured by ivy. If you jump up to this corner, you will be able sit there long enough to completely recharge your stamina before continuing on.

Unlockable Items[edit]

Hard Mode and Normal Time Attack Mode are unlocked by finishing the regular game once (For strategies on Hard Mode, consult the main guide). Hard Time Attack Mode is unlocked by finishing the Normal Time Attack.

The Time Attack Modes unlock special items for the main game. For every two colossi you defeat within the allotted time limit, an item will become available to you. To initiate Time Attack (once it's unlocked), simple press Circle button to kneel in front of a statue in the Shrine of Worship and the battle with that colossus will begin. The items you unlock are listed below in order of their availability.

Normal Time Attack items[edit]

  1. Whistling Arrow - Arrows that get a colossus' attention
  2. Cloak of Force - Increases power
  3. Mask of Strength - Increases power
  4. Lizard Stone - Detects lizards on map
  5. Fruit Tree Map - Shows location of fruit trees on map
  6. Mask of Power - Further increases power
  7. Deception Cloak - Makes you invisible to colossi
  8. Flash Arrows - Explode upon impact

Hard Time Attack items[edit]

  1. Harpoon of Thunder - Long-range projectile which can injure colossi
  2. Sword of the Sun - Reflects light of sword even in dark areas
  3. Fruit Tree Map - Shows fruit trees' locations on map
  4. Shaman's Cloak - Take less damage
  5. Lizard Detection Stone - Shows lizards' locations on map
  6. Shaman's Mask - Sustains even less damage when used with Shaman's Cloak
  7. Cloth of Desperation - Used as a parachute; slows down fall if you fall from a colossus
  8. Queen's Sword - The sword from Ico, which can kill a colossus in one hit

Lizards and Fruit Trees[edit]


As you explore different areas of the land, you may note some lizards walking around. Some of these lizards have white tails, which, when eaten, increase your stamina. When you find a white-tailed lizard, you can get its tail a few different ways. You can slash it with your sword, and then press Circle button to kneel down and eat it. You can also take out your bow and shoot the lizard. If you shoot the lizard's main body, you will kill it, and you can get the tail. If you shoot the lizard's tail, the lizard will be pinned down and try to escape. Once the lizard finally gets free, it will leave behind its white tail and grow an other (you may have to leave and come back a few minutes later). Using this technique, you can continually increase your stamina without running out of a supply of lizard tails.

Usually there are one or two lizards to be found at each save point throughout the land, but they can be found in almost any place in the game. There are unlockables that can be obtained which show the locations of the white-tailed lizards on the game map (see Unlockables above).

Fruit Trees

Some of the trees throughout the land bear fruit which, when eaten, increase your health. There are usually one or two hanging from the branches of each fruit tree. Just draw your bow and shoot them down. Kneel down with Circle button to eat them, and watch your health grow. There are unlockables that can be obtained which show the locations of the fruit trees on the game map (see Unlockables above).

As a side note, there is fruit on some trees in the secret garden, which, when eaten, permanently decrease your health, so stay clear of them.

Other points of interest[edit]

A few things you may not know about Shadow of the Colossus:

  1. You can fight defeated colossi over in what is called "Reminiscence Mode". To activate this, return to the site of any defeated colossus and kneel in front of its body (by pressing Circle button). The battle will begin once again, only this time, in a sepia tone.
  2. If you have an Ico save file on the same memory card as Shadow of the Colossus, Agro will bear the Ico symbol on his forehead during the game.
  3. If you time it correctly, you can grab birds and fish and let them carry you around for as long as your stamina holds out.