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Shadow enters Dr. Eggman's theme park on his way to find the forth chaos Emerald. He sees Tails' plane containing the White Chaos Emerald crashes in the park and rushes into the park to find the emerald. There are two ways to get to this stage in story mode:

  • Clearing the hero mission in Lethal Highway
  • Clearing the hero mission in Glyphic Canyon

In Circus Park it's your choice to either:

  • Aid Dr. Eggman by destroying the GUN robots (DARK)
  • Find the White Chaos Emerald (NORMAL)
  • Join Tails in collecting 400 rings (HERO)

Dark Mission[edit]

Dr. Eggman wants Shadow to destroy the 20 GUN robots who have infiltrated his park. It's not hard to spot them at all. Always take the lower routes or you'll miss some GUN robots.

Normal Mission[edit]

Just rush through the level and don't waste time with the shooting galleries. The goal ring is at the very end of the stage.

Hero Mission[edit]

You'll have to collect 400 rings to clear the hero mission. There are colorful targets with Eggman's face on them. If you hit them, you'll earn 50 rings. Also, if you do well in the shooting galleries, you get 50 rings. Destroy Eggman's robots on your way to increase your hero score. When you join Tails, after moving on a little you'll reach a colorful lightened up spring. If you hit it full-speed, it'll take you to the target and you'll earn 50 ring. the easiest way to do this is to dash along the 4 rings in front of the spring. You'll hit it full-speed and you'll hit the target. After that, you'll see the first shooting gallery. Activate it and it shouldn't be very hard to get 50 rings from it. Just be sure to have lots of bullets and avoid hitting the purple balloons with Eggman's face on them. You'll earn more points by hitting the golden balloons. You should be having about 130 rings by now. In the first roller coaster ride, hit the item box to your left to get a barrier. You can ignore the shooting gallery that you have to hit the balloons with a torrent. That will waste you're time and it's hard to get 50 rings from it. Be sure to jump through the fiery rings to get 5 rings. There will be another blue path similar to the one at the beginning of the stage. Hit the spring balloon in your way to go to the upper route and hit the spring balloon in the upper route to hit the target. Be sure to get the magnet barrier which is in a box before the forth checkpoint. After the forth checkpoint, triangle jump to get the magnet barrier and also access the upper route. take the right path and you'll find an item box with 20 rings. Continue on and start climbing down the pole until you see spring balloons in front of you. Use them to hit the target. You don't need to take part in the shooting gallery that's while you're grinding. Move on and you'll reach another triangle jump section. Use triangle jump to reach the spring balloon and use it to hit the target. You should be having over 400 rings. If you collect all the hidden keys, the locked door leads you to a shooting gallery that only provides golden balloons meaning easy 50 rings. Check the Key Locations section of this page.

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark Mission: 30000
  • Normal Mission: 23000
  • Hero Mission: 26000

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: In the section where there are two ways, one leading to GUN robots and one leading to Eggman's robots. Jump in the middle and use the spring balloon to access the key.
  • Second Key: Behind the third checkpoint. Go backwards as far as you can on the platform below it. There's a key in the box.
  • Third Key: After the fifth checkpoint, In the section where there are two GUN beetles, behind them is the key.
  • Fourth Key: In the second triangle jump section, jump down and look behind you to see a series of barrels to jump across with a key on top of the last one.
  • Last Key: In the last roller coaster ride, hold left and you'll eventually get the key.

After the forth checkpoint, use triangle jump to access the upper route. the door should be in front of you. The door leads you to a shooting gallery that only provides golden balloons meaning easy 50 rings.