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Xbox, Gamecube, PlayStation 2

Basic controls[edit]

PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox Action
Neutral lstick Neutral control Neutral lstick Move Shadow
Neutral rstick Neutral cstick Neutral rstick Move the Camera
Cross button A button A button Jump (Press Button Twice for Homing Attack)
Circle button X button B button Spin-Dash/Switch Guns/Enter Vehicles
Square button B button X button Attack/Shoot
Triangle button Y button Y button Chaos Blast/Chaos Control Activation
Start button Start button Start button Pause/Confirm

Special moves[edit]

  • Sliding Attack: Hold Neutral lstick in any direction to make Shadow run. While running, you can press B button at the same time to perform the Sliding Attack and slide through enemies that are on the ground.
  • Mid-Air Attacks: While Jumping with A button, you can press X button while in Mid-air to perform an attack. If you have a gun, you will perform a Mid-air shooting attack. If you don't have one, you will perform a Mid-air Kick attack.
  • Homing attack: The most useful move in the game, but relatively easy to perform. When near a target, jump with A button once, then press A button again to perform a homing attack on your foe. If there are multiple foes you can do this attack repeatedly to defeat them all at once!
  • Lift up heavy objects: To lift up a heavy object, for example a bus blocking the way on Westopolis, just face it and press B button twice to throw it.