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Shadow sees Dr. Eggman from afar and follows him to his creepy castle. There are two ways to get to this stage in story mode:

  • Clearing the dark mission in Digital Circuit
  • Clearing the dark mission in Glyphic Canyon

In Cryptic Castle it's your choice to either:

  • Help Dr. Eggman in lighting the giant lanterns of his castle (DARK)
  • Escape the castle (NORMAL)
  • Help Amy find Cream and Cheese (HERO)

Dark Mission[edit]

Although Dr. Eggman encourages Shadow to defeat Black Aliens and not to harm his robots, destroying Eggman's robots increases your dark score. You have to light 5 giant lanterns to clear the dark mission. Light them up by torches.

  • When you meet up with Eggman, go on a little farther and you'll see the first lantern.
  • In the section where the pumpkin balloon circles around 3 towers, get off the balloon when you're above the farthest tower to land in it. Then go back a little and light the small lanterns to make a spring balloon appear. Use it to access the second lantern.
  • After the black hawk ride, continue on until you reach the pumpkin balloon. Get off it when it's near the spring balloon and use it to go to the upper level. The third lantern is there.
  • The forth lantern is easily seen in the middle of the wide room where there are a lot of chao.
  • When in the wide room, go to the left to see a door. Break it and continue on until you reach the last lantern.

Normal Mission[edit]

To get to the goal ring, when you're in the wide room full of choa, go to the path ahead of you (not left or right). You'll enter a grinding section under the ground while a giant monster chases you. Accelerate by X button button and you'll be fine. The goal ring is at the end of the grinding section.

Hero Mission[edit]

You have to find Cream and her chao, Cheese in order to clear this mission.

  • After the section where the pumpkin balloon circles around three towers, grind down the rail and you'll enter a room with a cracked wall to the left. Break the wall and you'll find Cream behind it.
  • When you enter the wide room full of choa, go to the right and go up the stairs. Approach the wall and it will start moving. Cheese is behind the wall.

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark Mission: 14000
  • Normal Mission: 18000
  • Hero Mission: 18000
  • Boss: 2:00

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: After the first Pumpkin Balloon ride, go up the rail and then go to the left side.
  • Second Key: After the black hawk ride and after you use the slime trail, go backwards into the castle and continue the path until you reach the key guarded by the Black Arms.
  • Third Key: After passing the area with the key door, you'll be inside a section of the castle with a series of walls you need to break to continue. After the first wall, you'll be in a room with some barrels and a couple of wooden cabnits. Smash the cabnit on the right side to see a breakable wall behind it. Smash through the wall and collect the key.
  • Fourth Key: After taking the left path in the wide room full of chao, you'll reach a black hawk riding section. The key will be under the seventh horizontal pilliar on the right side.
  • Last Key: In the section where the monster chases you while you grind, switch to the left rail to access the key.

Use the spring balloon in front of the third lantern to access the door. Past the door is a shortcut.

Boss: Egg Breaker[edit]

No matter which mission you clear, you'll face this boss after clearing this stage. Egg Breaker is one of Dr. Eggman's robots. At the beginning of the battle, collect guns (from the robots or the boxes) and rapidly shoot Egg Breaker while dodging the shock waves he sends when he lends on the ground. If you get too far from it, it'll shoot its hammer towards you.