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This stage is a wasteland that Black Doom sends Shadow there to punish him since he didn't obey Black doom. There's also a Chaos Emerald in this canyon and the Black Arms' temple is located there.

The only way to get to this level in story mode is clearing the normal mission in Westopolis. In this stage it's your choice to either:

  • Help Black Doom in reawaking of the Black Arms' temple (DARK)
  • Get the Yellow Chaos Emerald (NORMAL)
  • Help Knuckles in beating the black aliens (HERO)

Dark Mission[edit]

To reawake the temple you need to touch all 5 jewels in the canyon. Their locations are:

  • After you find Doom's Eye, you'll reach the third checkpoint and move into the first room of the temple. Ahead of you, near the stair case is the first jewel that is actually a green orb.
  • After you touch the fifth checkpoint,continue until you reach three platforms that wind is blowing between them. Use the wind to reach the platform above the giant worm which has the jewel on it.
  • You'll go to the second room of the temple after the sixth checkpoint. The third jewel is between the staircases.
  • There are a few platforms that lead to the forth jewel ahead of them right after the seventh checkpoint. Use the platforms to get to the jewel.
  • The last jewel is near the end of the stage. There will be some black soldiers and worms Before the goal ring. Defeat them to open the case containing a spring. Use the spring to get to a platform with the last jewel on it.

Don't forget to kill GUN soldiers in order to increase your dark gauge.

Normal Mission[edit]

Normal Mission of this stage is easy. Just try to get to the goal as fast as you can and ignore all enemies unless they get in your way. The parts of the level where pieces of rock will be blown toward may decrease your speed if you get hit by the rocks. So in those parts look ahead of you and get out the rocks' way. Also there is a section where there's a slope you have to go up and pieces of pillars will roll down toward you. Take the left side and shoot the only piece that comes in your way with a gun.

Hero mission[edit]

To clear the hero mission, you need to destroy 60 Black Creatures. There are more than 60 aliens in this stage but that doesn't mean you can skip a lot of them. There are about 65 black creatures in this stage. Don't forget to get rid of the larva's too because they are also counted. Finding the aliens won't be a big challenge since they're all in your way.

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark mission: 24000
  • Normal mission: 28000
  • Hero mission: 26000

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: at the first of the stage to the right of the two stair cases.
  • Second Key: After the staircases and a dash panel, you'll go through an area where whoever your mission character is (or Shadow himself) tells you to go down. Instead of going down go on the platform on the left side to see the key.
  • Third Key: After the third checkpoint, before you go into the room, look to your left on the stairs to see a fence. break it by homing attack and get the key behind it.
  • Fourth Key: After the sixth checkpoint, use the spring to go up, then look back and you'll see a platform with a key on it.
  • Last Key: Near the end of the level, Where there are a lot of aliens with staircases behind them, go to the left of the staircases to find the last key.

The door is a bit after the fifth checkpoint and unlocking it allows you to ride on a Black Hawk.