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Lethal Highway is located somewhere near Westopolis. It's lethal because it's collapsing and is located high in the sky.

The aliens have gotten the third emerald in the city and are done with it. So they're leaving and backing off since Shadow has annihilated their forces in the city. Now it's your choice to either:

  • Leave the city with aliens (DARK)
  • Stay with Sonic and destroy their warship (tank) (HERO)

There are no normal missions for this stage and the only way to get to this stage in story mode is clearing the hero mission in Westopolis.

Dark Mission[edit]

This mission is like normal missions since your objective is to get to the Goal Ring. The only difference is that you shouldn't ignore GUN soldiers and kill them to increase your dark gauge. At the beginning of every road section (where the tank appears) there is a bike you can ride on (except the first section). If you look more carefully you can spot a yellow car around too. I suggest using them instead as they are faster and more fun. Just be careful not to hit many larvas in your way.

Hero Mission[edit]

You need to hit and chase the tank until it's destroyed. Using a normal gun will take a lot of time and getting an A Rank will be hard.

There are a few methods you could use to get an easy A Rank:

  • If you have unlocked the special weapons, use Shadow Rifle to destroy the tank with a few hits. The first special weapon container is at the beginning of the second tunnel.
  • Unlocking the secret door will let you use two of those big white guns that the GUN mechs use. Destroying the tank will be a lot easier and faster by them. Check "Key Locations" section of this page if you haven't found all five keys yet.
  • At the beginning of the first road section, you'll see a small ramp in the slope. Take some speed and as you go on it, jump to have a high jump, letting you access the random item box. After a few times, you'll understand the perfect time to hit it when it is containing "invincibility". While you're invincible, your bullets won't decrease when you shoot, so you can shoot the tank as mush as you can and give it a heavy damage on the very first section.

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark Mission: 22000
  • Normal Mission: ---
  • Hero Mission: 22000
  • Boss: 1:40

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: In the first road section, when a part of the highway collapses, don't fall. Use the dash panel on the right side to go to the other side and get the key.
  • Second Key: On the left side of the first tunnel after the second checkpoint there are a few sand bags. Fill up your red gauge (by killing soldiers and destroying anything nearby) and use Chaos Blast near them to get rid of them. The second key will be behind them.
  • Third Key: After the tunnel, a part of the road will fall in front of you. Go on it and then go to its left. Then, go backwards and you'll find a damaged car. Destroy it and get the key in it.
  • Fourth Key: After the third checkpoint there'll be two explosions. After the second explosion, drop down and go backwards until you get to a cage containing a key. Defeat the guards and open the cage to get the key in it.
  • Last Key: After the last checkpoint, after the grinding section, go backward on the road you have landed on. You'll find a damaged car that contains the last key.

The door is located in the second tunnel after the second checkpoint and has two of those large white guns that GUN mechs use behind it.

Boss: Black Bull[edit]

No matter what mission you take in Lethal Highway, you'll face a boss battle against Black Bull, a big flying round alien with one eye (which is its weakness). You can use homing attack on Black Hawks to reach it and do homing attacks on its eye to damage him. But doing this normally will take more time than the time needed for A Rank. So:

  • When the battle begins, go backwards until the end of the road and then turn left. Defeat some aliens and take their guns.
  • Stay there until Black Bull comes and starts attacking. Now use homing attack method to decrease its health. DO NOT use your gun. He'll escape if you do so.
  • Continue until half of its health gauge is left and you can use Chaos Control. Then use Chaos Control to slow it down. Now shoot its eye until it's defeated (it won't be able to escape since it's too slow then).
  • If Chaos Control is finished and Black Bull is not defeated yet, don't worry. When it is doing its crazy fire ring attacks, jump and start shooting him while in mid-air. It'll escape after the attack, giving you enough time to damage him.