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To enrage Shadow, Black Doom creates an illusion of the past when the ARK was attacked by GUN soldiers to let shadow experience the events of that day again. There are two ways to access this stage in story mode:

  • Clearing the normal mission in Cryptic Castle
  • Clearing the dark mission in Prison Island

Shadow finds himself in a situation where he can either:

  • Take revenge on the GUN soldiers (DARK)
  • Escape the GUN raid (NORMAL)
  • Help Maria save the wounded researchers (HERO)

Dark Mission[edit]

Black Doom asks you to defeat 60 GUN soldiers. There's a lot of them and they come out of anywhere so you must be careful not to miss any of them. Don't speed through the doors because sometimes GUN soldiers appear by the door just as it opens and you might miss them.

  • At the first checkpoint you should have defeated 14 of them.
  • At the second checkpoint you should have defeated 19 of them.
  • At the third checkpoint you should have defeated 35 of them.
  • At the fourth checkpoint you should have defeated 45 of them.
  • At the fifth checkpoint you should have defeated 50 of them and the remaining 10 are after the fifth checkpoint.

Memorize the location of the soldiers to defeat them in little time for getting A rank.

Normal Mission[edit]

The Goal Ring is at the end of the stage. You can always figure out which way is the right path by rings. There are shut doors in this stage that lead to the previous parts of the stage when opened. To avoid getting confused, don't open them at all. In the final the room, take the elevator and go up to reach the last room with the Goal Ring inside it. The 5-lock door of this stage reveals a great shortcut for the normal mission. Check the Key Locations section.

Hero Mission[edit]

To save a wounded scientist, you have to pick up a heal unit and throw it at them. They'll be healed upon contact. You should save 10 of them. The heal unit is always somewhere around the wounded researcher.

  • You'll see the first scientist a bit after the beginning of the stage.
  • After the first checkpoint, you'll enter a room where the second and third wounded scientists are. The heal unit and the third scientist are on the lower level.
  • The fourth scientist is inside a room revealed by the soldiers breaking through its wall. The room is just before the second checkpoint.
  • The fifth scientist will be in front of you in the next room after the second checkpoint.
  • Take the elevators to reach and continue the path to reach a room with two scientists inside it.
  • Return and go down and continue the main path. The eighth scientist will be in you way. The heal unit is on the other side.
  • The ninth scientist is inside a room revealed by the Gun soldiers breaking through its wall.
  • Use triangle jump to go farther in that room. the last scientist is in the final room.

If you have unlocked the heal cannon, use it to quickly heal the scientists without any trouble. You can also use it on GUN soldiers to gain a lot of hero score.

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark Mission: 28000
  • Normal Mission: 30000
  • Hero Mission: 4500
  • Boss: 1:50

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: In the room with the first scientist inside it, use the elevator to reach a platform with the key on it.
  • Second Key: In the room with the giant slope, on a platform above the middle of the room.
  • Third Key: Throw the red bomb in that room to the cracked wall on the right. The key is behind it.
  • Fourth Key: A few rooms ahead is a three way split room where there is a fan blowing on the right side of the split and a dead end with a couple GUN soldiers and crates in it. Jump on the pilliar in the left corner and turn around. You should see a pulley that you can jump onto. Have it pull you up and jump off onto the platform with an extra life on it. Turn towards the fan and there should be the key floating right above it.
  • Last Key: In the room where the entrance to the room of the sixth and seventh scientist is, jump on the GUN crates to reach a platform above. Look towards the wall to see more GUN crates stacked up against it. Smash them and collect the last key behind the wall.

In the first three way room, where the GUN soldiers break through the wall, there should be a pulley. Use it to access a platform with the door at the end of it. Behind the door is a switch that opens the cage with the ring inside it. Collect the ring to activate the platform next to it. Use it to access a very good shortcut for the normal mission.

Boss: Heavy Dog[edit]

Regardless of what mission you clear, you'll face this flying GUN robot. It shoots missiles and bombs and when it's fully charged, it emits a 360 degree radius attack. Just before this attack, if you're on a platform, jump down and if you're on the floor, jump on a platform.

Start by homing attacking it until it drops a 4-Shot RPG. Pick it up and use it to destroy Heavy Dog.