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Westopolis is the first stage in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a city of United Federation and where Shadow's adventure begins.

As the black aliens start their attack from this city, Shadow goes there to find the Chaos Emeralds.

No matter which path you want to take, every story you start begins with this stage as the first stage. In Westopolis it's your choice to either:

  • Help black aliens by defeating GUN Soldiers (DARK)
  • Find the two Chaos Emeralds in the city (NORMAL)
  • Help Sonic in defeating the aliens (HERO)

Dark Mission[edit]

There are a total of 35 GUN soldiers that you need to defeat in order to clear this mission. You will meet Doom's Eye after you get the first Chaos Emerald, who will be your mission character.

Clearing this mission is very easy and so is getting an A Rank for it.

The first GUN soldier will be defeated by the explosions and you can take his gun. Then, you'll meet with Sonic. Ignore him (change mission to normal again) and move on. You will reach the area that contains some GUN soldiers and a black soldier. Kill them all and get the Chaos Emerald. Then use the spring to go up and you'll meet Doom's Eye. Detecting the soldiers will be easy, as they usually talk. Also, they are marked with a red mark.

Now, there are a few things to say:

  1. Keep your eyes open as you move on and try to detect the soldiers by their voice, the red marks and the red bullets they shoot.
  2. There are small flying robots (GUN Beetle) that are marked too. You need to defeat them too since they are also counted.
  3. When you reach the section with a car at the beginning, don't use the car. It may cause you to miss some soldiers or kill some aliens.
  4. When you see the Goal Ring, it's not the end. Go behind it and move on to find the 2 remaining GUN soldiers.

If you want to get A Rank, you'll need to go through this mission a few times to memorize the approximate position of the soldiers. you'll be able to finish the mission in 3-5 minutes.

Normal Mission[edit]

There are two methods you can use to get A on this mission:

  1. Go as fast as you can, ignoring every thing to reach the goal.
  2. Defeat any alien that comes in your way to fill up the blue gauge and use Chaos Control.

Hero Mission[edit]

At first, don't forget to kill the Black Hawk where the first dead GUN soldier is. (Right before you meet Sonic).

You will need to kill all 45 aliens that are in the city. Clearing this mission is a bit trickier than the dark mission since it's harder to spot Black Hawks. Usually there are two Black Hawks for each alien soldier, so keep your eyes open. It's also better to kill them by homing attack because it's hard to shoot them since they're constantly moving. Destroying those red fruits will give you hero score too, but it's not worth wasting your time on them. When you have gotten rid of about half of the aliens, the blue gauge will be full. DO NOT use Chaos control as it will cause you to miss many aliens. Also, don't use the car either because it will make it harder for you to kill the aliens, especially the Black Hawks. Like the dark mission, when you reach the goal ring it's not the end. Go behind it and move on until you find the last 3 aliens (a soldier and two Black Hawks).

Scores for A Rank[edit]

  • Dark: 30000
  • Normal: 32000
  • Hero: 30000

Key Locations[edit]

  • First Key: Before taking the dash panel that would take you to the second checkpoint, look to your left and you'll see a hole with an extra life on the other side of it. The key is over there.
  • Second Key: After the second checkpoint, there will be a fallen crane along side of the place where you have to homing attack on the GUN beetles. Use the pulley at the end of it to take you to the key.
  • Third Key: After you use the dash panel to send you to the street, you'll see two GUN beetles. Get to the platform near them by using homing attack on the beetles. Jump on the next platform fast before it collapses and get the key on it.
  • Fourth Key: Look at the left of the third checkpoint and you'll see a gate that you can go behind it by rolling under it. The key is in a dumpster.
  • Last Key: After the goal ring, you'll use a dash panel to send you in a fall. There is a key in your way, but it's near a helicopter and is hard to get. I suggest you fill up your dark (or hero) gauge to become invincible and then take the fall so that getting the key would be no problem. (If you take the dark mission your dark gauge will be filled at the time you're around the goal ring)

The door is to the right of the forth checkpoint and behind it is a gun and an armored car.