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Ryo Hazuki[edit]

Ryo Hazuki

Having lost his mother at an early age, Ryo has dedicated his entire young life to rigorous martial arts training under the guidance of a strict but loving father. Despite a tendency to be reckless and a bit too quick to fight, Ryo has a tremendous amount of potential and an iron strong volition. Determined to uncover the mystery of his father's murder, he begins a journey that will eventually take him west, to a land he has never seen... China. What fate lies in store for Ryo?
(Taken from the Shenmue manual)

Iwao Hazuki[edit]

Iwao Hazuki

Iwao is Ryo's father, and the foremost expert of the Hazuki style of martial art. In his youth he traveled to China to undergo martial arts training and during this time he met various people. Because of his deep devotion to martial arts, both Iwao and his school of martial arts are held in high regard and well respected in the community.
(Taken from the Shenmue manual)

Lan Di[edit]

Lan Di

A master of a powerful form of martial art that was supposed to have disappeared long ago, Lan Di's chilling stare alone is enough to intimidate most opponents. But, those brave enough to ignore his stare usually forfeit without a fight once they see his deadly moves. Evil to the core, he is incapable of showing mercy and will stop at nothing to bury anyone who dares to cross him.
(Taken from the Shenmue manual)



The Hazuki family housekeeper. She worries constantly about Ryo and blames herself when he does foolish things, feeling that she has let his father down. She gives Ryo a daily allowance of ¥500.



Fukuhara-san is a student of Iwao Hazuki's, who lives with Ryo and his father in Yamanose. Fuku-san means well, but often puts his foot in his mouth when he becomes overly eager to help.

Nozomi Harasaki[edit]

Nozomi Harasaki

As a close friend and classmate, Nozomi is well-acquainted with Ryo. A liberated and flexible thinker, she has a tendency to speak her mind clearly and an ability to get quickly to the core of any matter, except when that matter involves feelings of the heart. When she cares for someone, she finds it difficult to express herself, instead simply gazing at them with affection in her eyes. Will she ever be able to express her feelings to Ryo?
(Taken from the Shenmue manual)



This strange man sneaks around following Ryo as he investigates the mystery surrounding his father's murder. Lurking in shadows, Chai spies Ryo with beastly eyes. His physical presence is so frightening and creepy, one dares not imagine how he came to be.
(Taken from the Shenmue manual)