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Movement in Shenmue falls generally falls into either the "Free Quest" or "Free Battle" mode, although there are some other specific controls.

General Controls[edit]

Input Free Quest Free Battle
Neutral analog Look
Neutral dpad Move
A button Talk/use/interact Kick
B button Cancel Throw
X button Open notebook Punch
Y button Inventory Dodge
L button Run
R button Zoom Stored move
Start N/A Help


Quick Time Events' occur regularly in Shenmue, and require you to press buttons following on-screen prompts. Missing one or more of these prompts can cause Ryo to fail the QTE, and usually means you'll have to repeat the event. This walkthrough will attempt to detail all QTE movements.

Other Controls[edit]


Input Forklift Motorbike
Neutral analog Steer
Neutral dpad Steer
L button Brake
R button Accelerate
A button Raise/lower forks N/A
X button Open map N/A
Up dpad Horn N/A

Arcade Games[edit]

For more details on Arcade Game controls, see Shenmue/Arcade Games.