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Lapis is the fortune teller along the main street in Dobuita, just around the corner from Aida Florist (Nozomi's grandmother's store). She's a little cryptic, but Lapis' fortunes can help you out with where you should go next - or where you should be gambling if that's more your style.

Each reading costs Ryo ¥300, so it's not really worth the cost unless you're really stuck or you plan to win it all back with your Gamble hint.

The three services Lapis provides are all pretty self-explanatory, but here's a brief run-down of them anyway.


You'll get a clue added to your notebook, marked by a star. This is usually a hint about where you should go or who you should be talking to.


This option will give you a vague indication of what's going to happen next. It's not as useful as Clue in most cases, but if you don't get anything from that option this will tell you whether you're just waiting for something out of your control.


Lapis will give you a number - this corresponds to the numbers on the slot machines in the Slot House. If you use that machine, you'll be luckier with your money.