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Work Day 5[edit]

This is one of the most complex crate-moving operations you've had to do yet - take crates from outside the Old Warehouse District over to (New) Warehouse #8, then lift one of the red-marked crates from there to Warehouse #18. The quota is 10, but don't worry - both types of crate count towards your total.

At lunchtime, Goro and Mai will come up to talk to you - it seems they've decided to get married. Ryo is, unsurprisingly, confused about Mai's choice of husband, but doesn't say anything to dissuade the happy couple. Again, you'll be left to your own devices for the remainder of your break.

After lunch, you'll be heading through the plaza by Warehouse #18 when you see Tony and Smith. Although Ryo's notebook says that he has "rarely seen" the pair, they are instantly recognisable since you've already beaten them both up at least three times by this point.

They're not too keen to talk to you though, and you'll be led on a chase through the harbor. This is another "branching" QTE where you're given more than one option at points - some of them are dead ends though, and the following solution will get you the information you need.

  • QTE: Left dpad B button B button Left dpad A button Left dpad Left dpad Left dpad Right dpad A button Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad

Once you've gotten a hold of him, Tony (or Smith, I don't know which is which) will tell you that he doesn't know any details about the Long Zha - only the higher-ups like the Mad Angel boss Terry know anything specific.

You'll be taken directly to the foreman's office after that, where you're given a message from Gui Zhang, telling you to be careful. It now occurs to Ryo that perhaps Master Chen knows something about the Long Zha, and you'll suddenly be in the Old Warehouse District's Warehouse #8.

Master Chen is somewhat frustrated by Ryo's stubbornness, and informs you that Lan Di has nothing to do with the Long Zha - only the lowest members of the Chi You Men are involved in the deal with the Mad Angels. Lan Di was aided by the Mad Angels while in Japan, but that was an attempt by the harbor thugs to get on Chi You Men's good side. Master Chen persuades Ryo to back off for now. All you can do is go home for the night.

Hazuki Residence[edit]

At 11.45pm, Ryo will wake up to get some fresh air. In the hallway, Ine-san asks Ryo if he was just with Nozomi - apparently she hasn't come home, and she told her grandmother that she was meeting Ryo. With excellent timing, the phone rings - it's Chai, and he has Nozomi. You have 4 hours - until 4am - to reach Warehouse #17 at the harbor, or they'll hurt Nozomi.


If you'd been paying attention throughout the earlier part of the game, you'll have noticed a suitable mode of transportation sitting outside a friend's house in Sakuragaoka - Ito's motorbike. His house is beside Yamagishi-san's. Look at the intercom under the name plate on their front gate and Naoyuki will come out and lend you the motorcycle.


Regardless of how quickly you've gotten the bike, you've only got two minutes to make it from Dobuita to the New Yokosuka Harbor. The road is rather windy and not entirely suitable for high-speed motorbiking, but you don't have much choice. In this section, practice on Hang-On will pay off, and you'll make it to the Harbor in the nick of time.

New Yokosuka Harbor[edit]

When you make it to Warehouse #17, the Mad Angels have a welcome party laid out - you've got two consecutive Free Battles against multiple opponents before you make it in to meet Terry. After some threats and grandstanding Terry will release Nozomi and agrees to let you live - as long as you take out Gui Zhang Chen, who's been hampering their smuggling operations for too long. Ryo agrees, on the condition that he's taken to meet Lan Di. Terry doesn't have a problem with that, so long as you make it so Gui Zhang can't walk first.

Ryo leaves to take Nozomi home, and you'll end up back in the Hazuki Residence to save and sleep. It's wise to save now when you have the chance - tomorrow's a busy day.

Hazuki Residence[edit]

In the morning, Ryo meditates briefly in the dojo before going to the harbor.

New Yokosuka Harbor[edit]

You're a little late to work, but Ryo still goes to meet Tom for a moment and arranges to meet him for lunch. Next on the list is the Alpha Trading office.

The foreman, Yada-san, asks you to resign - there's been an awful lot of trouble in the harbor since you started, and it's starting to affect his company. You'll be deposited outside the office with a note in your book to "Check up on everyone". If you phone Nozomi, Ryo comes as close as he ever will to expressing some kind of emotional connection to her, but loses his bottle at the last minute.

At 12, head 'round to Tom near the Old Warehouse District. He'll teach you the Tornado Kick, before telling you that he's decided to return home to America the next day. After a short farewell, the game will skip ahead to 10pm, and you'll have to deal with Gui Zhang in a Free Battle.

If you hold your own against Gui Zhang, there'll be a couple of short exchanges between the pair during the fight, but at the end both Ryo and Gui Zhang end up exhausted on the concrete. Terry decides to take this opportunity to rid himself of two pests, and tries to smack you both with a lead pipe.

  • QTE: Right dpad

Barely missed by the attack, Gui Zhang and Ryo team up to take on Terry, but he's got a little surprise for you both:

All 70 members of the Mad Angels are here to stop you in the mother of all Free Battles.

70 Man Free Battle

The majority of the people you're up against are fairly easy to take down; a well-placed Double Blow or Brutal Tiger will knock most of them down, although some of the later minions might take a couple of hits before they drop.

However, the three "sub-bosses" take significantly more damage, although for the first two you'll have Gui Zhang backing you up. For some reason when the final one appears, you're on your own. He's accompanied by two regular Mad Angels, and it's best to take them out first so you can concentrate on the big guy. Dodges are very useful, especially when he's lining up for one of his big attacks, and if you can use the Shadow Step to get into his blind spot you'll be all the better for it.

Once you've taken them all out, Gui Zhang returns and you'll find Terry cowering behind some containers. He'll go for Gui Zhang with a pipe, but Ryo quickly relieves him of his weapon.

  • QTE: A button

Terry still fights dirty but with a little help from Ryo, Gui Zhang comes out on top. Unfortunately, you're too late - Lan Di has already left the harbor on his way to Hong Kong.

Gui Zhang offers to speak with his father about getting Ryo to Hong Kong, and you'll be taken home to save once more before things wrap up.

Hazuki Residence[edit]

Ryo is leaving the house, but is stopped by Fuku-san. It's not much, but he has a small amount of money for Ryo, from himself and Ine-san. Ryo takes a last look at his home before leaving through the gate and heading through Dobuita on his way to the harbor and Hong Kong beyond that.

New Yokosuka Harbor[edit]

Standing beside the ferry on Amihama Wharf, Master Chen informs Ryo that he won't be going to Hong Kong alone - Gui Zhang will be accompanying you. As well as that, you'll be taught the Swallow Flip hand move, which will prove invaluable.

The Mad Angels aren't going to let you get away that easily though, and Chai drops a steel beam towards Ryo from one of the cranes by the waterfront. Pushed out of the way by Gui Zhang, you're barely on your feet when you've got to take Chai on in a final Free Battle.

This can be one of the most difficult fights in the game, but if you're careful with your moves and dodge it's not that bad. The Swallow Flip, which you just learned, is useful to put Chai out of commission for a moment to regain some health, and long-reaching low-to-medium kicks can send him quite far back as well.

Once you've beaten him, a cutscene in which Lan Di is seen boarding a boat heading to Hong Kong starts. While Ryo is distracted, Chai will regain consciousness and attack you, giving you an opportunity to get rid of this creepy skinhead once and for all.

  • QTE: Down dpad A button A button B button

He'll go flying into the water, leaving Ryo with Master Chen and Gui Zhang to decide where to go from here.