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Ryo's Notebook holds all the important information he collects throughout the game, and serves as a helpful reminder of what you're looking for if you get lost.

The notebook is accessible by pressing X button while in Free Quest mode, and can also be opened from the inventory list by selecting the Notebook icon and pressing A button.

The book automatically opens to the last page that has information on it.

New Information[edit]

When Ryo receives new important information about something, an icon will begin to flash in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Pressing X button while the icon is flashing will open the notebook to the latest information added.

Navigating The Notebook[edit]

You can turn pages in the notebook with Neutral dpad - press Right dpad to move back a page and Left dpad to move forward. Pressing Up dpad will open the book at the first page, and Down dpad brings you to the last page with information.