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Back in Dobuita, you've got to find someone to help translate the letter to your father. There's two people you can ask - either go to Tao-san, or look for Gao Wen on the streets of Dobuita.


While he can't read the letter himself, he is able to tell you that the paper is very special - used for ceremonial calligraphy and cooking. He tells you that his delivery boy Guang Ji is very good with Chinese kanji, so it's a good idea to track him down. He's at the vending machine beside Nagai Industries, unable to afford a drink. If you buy him one, he'll take a look at the letter, but he can't read it either - the kanji are "weird". His Japanese teacher, Xia Xiu Yu, is a "kanji expert" though, so you can ask her.

Gao Wen

Gao Wen is walking around Dobuita, but he can be difficult to find. He's by the You GAME arcade and he'll point you to his grandmother, Xia Xiu Yu.

Back at the plot...

Xia Xiu Yu works in the Russiya China Shop along the same street as Lapis and Nagai Industries. She thanks you for helping her grandson, and tells you that he now aspires to be like Ryo. She takes a look at the letter and knows that the kanji characters are reversed - luckily, there's a mirror right beside her, and she reads out the letter:

"Beware those who seek the mirror. If you ever need help, seek the aid of Master Chen."

The letter, signed by someone called Zhu Yuan Da, has writing on the back too - along with the phone number 0468 61 5647 is a strange pair of sentences: Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons. Mother's Earth, Comrades.

Time to call the number. There's a payphone in Dobuita at the Tobaccoo shop, beside the car park at the Arcade. Dial the number and you'll be asked to complete the password - answer "Nine Dragons" to "Father's Heaven", and "Comrades" to "Mother's Earth". The person on the other end of the phone will tell you you've reached "Warehouse #8" - which is surprising, since Ryo was expecting the Chen residence. The other end hangs up suddenly, leaving Ryo to wonder where this "Warehouse #8" might be located.

Asking around will get you two options: you can call number assistance at 104 - ask them for the area, as you can't get a specific address from a phone number - or check a phone directory to find out where the number is from the area code.

There's a phone directory at the tobacco shop, which will tell Ryo that area code 61 is in Amihama - but where's that?

If you ask Tom, he'll tell you that Amihama is the harbor near Dobuita - you can get there by bus, from the stop beside the tobacco store.

The bus comes at different times on weekends than on weekdays, but it shouldn't take too long before one comes along. You'll need ¥160 to board the bus (and another ¥160 to get back), then you're on your way to the New Yokosuka Harbor on disc 2.