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Ryo's been set up and he wants answers - who is that skinhead and what does Asia Travel have to do with all this? It turns out Jimmy's no mastermind though; he's broke, his agency's broke and he's skipping town to escape debtors. He does know about the Mad Angels, but not how to contact them - except that if you worked at the docks, you'd probably meet them. They always harass the new guys - so I hope your moves are up to scratch.

When you're ready, get the bus to the harbor - it's time to go job-hunting.

New Yokosuka Harbor[edit]

So where can you get a job at the harbor? Better ask around. Most people are fairly unhelpful, though. Most don't know whether their company is hiring or not, and the foremen are pretty blunt. You can go into the Alpha Trading office and ask the secretary if they've got any openings, but they've just stopped hiring.

There is someone who can help, though - before 2.30pm, head down Amihama Wharf and you'll run into Goro by Warehouse #14. After some bragging about his insider access to cargo foremen, he'll agree to set you up with a job, and will tell you to meet him outside Warehouse #1's big blue door at noon tomorrow.

There's nothing else to do here tonight, so head home for some sleep.

New Yokosuka Harbor[edit]

At noon the next day (listen out for the lunch siren), head to Warehouse #1 and you'll find Goro again. He's proud to tell you that he's arranged a job for you - although it wasn't really him. Determined to take the credit where it's due, Hisaka-san's sister Mai announces that it was her who persuaded a foreman friend to take you on. You've got to meet Yada-san in the Alpha Trading office before 2pm to get the job.

The sooner you meet him, the better - you'll be working this afternoon, and the more crates you shift the more money you'll get for it.

Yada-san takes you outside to meet a guy called Mark, who'll instruct you how to drive the forklift. First, he asks you to turn the wheel - pressing right or left on either the D-pad or analogue stick will work. Next drive forward with the R-trigger, then reverse with the L-trigger. Finally, raise and lower the forks with A button. Mark will then show you where to put the crates, picking one up and depositing it within the lines in warehouse #3.

After that, it's your turn - you don't have to be all that precise about where the crates go within the lines, but the neater you do it the better, as you'll be able to put more crates in, and earn more money as a result. You'll finish up at 5pm, then be taken into Yada-san's office again to get paid.

You start off on ¥300 per crate, but if you meet quota any day you'll get a ¥50 raise starting the next day. Quota is usually easy to make, and on some days you can even get all the crates into the destination warehouse before the day's over. Work starts at 9am, you get a 2-hour lunch break from 12-2pm, and you finish at 5pm.

When you leave the Alpha Trading office, Mark's waiting outside. He'll tell you to be at work early tomorrow - there's something they've got to do before work. Sounds omninous...

After 7pm, head down to the waterfront near Hisaka-san's lunch stand. You'll find the old homeless man being chased by a couple of thugs on motorbikes. Ever the hero, Ryo steps in, telling the thugs - who turn out to be Mad Angels to boot - to back off and stop harrassing the hobo. You'll be challenged to a game of chicken on a motorbike, where you'll race along the waterfront, and whoever stops closest to the edge of the pier wins. This QTE cannot be repeated.

  • QTE: A button Down dpad Left dpad Right dpad

If you win, the thugs will back off for good, but if you fail the QTE they'll gloat a little before they leave.

You're now done for the day, so get home and sleep.

Work Day 1[edit]

As soon as Ryo wakes up, you'll be taken to the harbor, where you find out what Mark wanted you to be here for - a forklift race, three laps around the harbor.

The racecourse is pretty simple - along the back of Alpha Trading towards the entrance, then turn right across the plaza and right again just past the Harbor Lounge, along the waterfront. Next, pass between Warehouses #1 and #2, to the back fence and up past the back of Warehouse #8. Go round the front of #8, then turn left up along the back of Alpha Trading to the finish line.

You can access a map in-game by pressing X button, but you'll stop moving when you do - the other competitors won't. You can also raise and lower the forks normally, but there's not much point; it doesn't give you any advantage.

Depending on what place you finish, you'll get a capsule toy prize from Mark - a forklift, numbered 1-5 for your position. After that, it's off to work.

Your first day, you'll be moving cargo from just outside the Old Warehouse District over to Warehouse #18 - it's a fairly short trip. The shorter the journey, the higher your quota, so today you've got to move 10 crates to meet the raise requirements. Warehouse #18 is one of the easier places to get cargo lined up, and if you're comfortable with the forklift it's possible to finish moving all the crates a good couple of hours before you finish work for the day.

At lunchtime, you'll see Mark trying to eat his lunch by the waterfront, but a pair of Mad Angels turn up to harrass him, asking him about "Chen", who Mark doesn't know. Ryo arrives in the nick of time to rescue Mark, and you'll enter a Free Battle against the two assailants. Once you've beaten them, you'll have the rest of your lunch break to pass before you get back to work.

Back in the forklift, you'll only be moving crates until about 3pm before the Mad Angels show up to collect "insurance". Ryo engages them in a short Free Battle, and they'll back off. You've then got the last of your work day to finish moving crates.

After work, you'll meet Goro outside the Alpha Trading offices and he'll do his best not to talk about the Mad Angels, although you'll eventually get some info out of him. Take a right after that cutscene and head towards Hisaka-san, and you'll encounter Gui Zhang - he'll teach you the Swallow Dive leg move, and briefly sympathize with Ryo's plight and his plan of action.

After 7pm, head to the plaza by Warehouse #18. The old homeless man will emerge, and says he'd like to thank Ryo for helping him the night before - but first, Ryo has to punch him. The hobo's pretty adept at dodging Ryo's attacks, and will teach you the Shadow Step move.

Once you're done practicing, leave the harbor for the night.

Work Day 2[edit]

You've got another chance at the race; if you're after the full collection, you can aim for a different position each day to get all the forklift prizes.

When it comes to actually working, you'll be moving crates from the plaza beside Warehouse #18 over to Warehouse #3, with a quota of 8. Lunch is uneventful (Mark and Ryo now eat lunch with the other drivers), although you can wander around and ask about the Mad Angels or sneak into Warehouse #4 for some training. After lunch, you'll get another visit from the Mad Angels in Warehouse #3. There's a Free Battle, after which you'll get information from one of your assailants, who tells you the Mad Angels hang out behind Warehouse #17 (you may have seen their logo on the door on Disc 2). After that, you're back to work for the rest of the day. When the work day ends, you can head over to the harbor lounge, and find the homeless man once again sitting under the stairs. He will teach you a move called the Cross Charge. If you do not choose to visit the old man, you will later learn the move on another worday.

After work, head down Amihama Wharf towards Warehouse #17 - time to check out these Mad Angels. Once you reach Warehouse #14 though, you'll find Mark being set upon by a number of gang members. You'll have to Free Battle them, and they'll run off. You'll learn a little about Mark - his brother was a member of the Mad Angels who squealed about one of their deals and has been missing since.

The old man is by the Harbor Lounge as usual, and if you talk to him he'll teach you an extension of the Shadow Step, in the form of the Shadow Strike throw move. After he's taught you and you've had your fill practicing, talk to him again and you'll learn that the Mad Angels usually hang around the harbor at night.

You'll not be able to do anything more tonight, so it's time for home again.

Work Day 3[edit]

Today's task is to move crates from beside Warehouse #10 over to Warehouse #18, and the quota is 8 crates.

At lunch, you'll get a visit from Eri and Nozomi - Eri insists on taking a couple of photos of you with Nozomi, and you'll get to choose between the two Polaroids she offers. Nozomi then announces that she's decided to go back to Canada, leaving Ryo slightly shocked. You'll then have some time for exploration or training before it's back to work for the afternoon.

After 7pm, head to the plaza beside Warehouse #18 and you'll be confronted by three of the Mad Angels, one of whom looks a little familiar - it's Charlie. You'll have to dodge their bikes and then chase them in another huge QTE.

  • QTE: Right dpad Left dpad A button Left dpad Left dpad A button Right dpad Right dpad Right dpad Left dpad Left dpad Right dpad

You'll end up by Warehouse #14, where you've got to Free Battle a bunch of Mad Angel goons and then Charlie himself.

You get some important information from Charlie once you've beaten him - Lan Di is still in Japan.


On your way home, if it's after Christmas Day you can get a brief cutscene with Nozomi in Sakura Park. This is the only day you can get the scene, though - if the date's too early today, there's nothing you can do to get it later.

Work Day 4[edit]

Today's route is one of the longest - you're carrying crates from Warehouse #15 at the end of Amihama Wharf all the way to Warehouse #18. There's one particular bottleneck near Warehouse #12 that can be easy to get jammed in, so use your horn (D-pad Up) to clear any other forklifts out of the way. The quota, again, is 8 crates.

This is another uneventful day before lunch, and you'll also have the entire 2-hour break to spend as you like. As you might have guessed, there's a lot of combat on this disc, so a little more practice in Warehouse #4 is worth it.

After lunch, you'll be passing Warehouse #12 when you find two of the Mad Angels beating up Goro. Although he deserves it, Ryo steps up to protect his friend and chases the thugs into one of the nearby warehouses - but there's a pretty big gang of them waiting.

  • QTE: B button A button B button A button A button B button Left dpad Down dpad A button

One of the Mad Angels taunts Ryo after he's beaten them - warning him that they'll be going after his family and friends next. Enraged, Ryo gives him one last smack and gets back to work.

After you've been paid, Mark approaches Ryo and tells you that he's overheard some information - there's a Mad Angels deal with the Cartel coming up soon, called the "Long Zha". He doesn't know anything more than the name, though - you'll have to find out more on your own.

Talk to the old hobo, and he'll tell Ryo off for his recklessness. As an admirer of Iwao Hazuki's style, the old man is worried about the future of the Hazuki tradition if something happens to Ryo. He'll then teach you another throw/dodge move, the Cross Charge.

If you find Mark again at this point he'll tell you that a pair of foreigners, Tony and Smith, are involved in the Long Zha and that he's overheard them saying that the deal will be happening in the next few days.

Time for home again.