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Item Types[edit]

  • Recovery: Heals HP or MP, or recovers status effects.
  • Defensive: Increases party stats or protects against attacks.
  • Attack: Deals damage, inflicts status effects, or decreases stats on enemies.
  • Sake: Changes a demon's personality temporarily.
  • Gift: Give to a demon to raise Loyalty. Also makes good negotiation presents.
  • Weapon: Comes in two types:
    • Sword: Short-range, infinite use. Can sometimes attack from and rarely attack to the back row.
    • Gun: Requires bullets. Frequently can attack from/to the back row.
  • Armor: Comes in headgear, body armor, arms/hands, feet, and accessory types.
  • Install Software: Software which adds additional functionality to the COMP.
  • Misc: Has effects not covered by the other categories.

How to Read[edit]


  • Item Name: Self-explanatory.
  • Target: Uses game terms:
    • Ally: Any ally, front or back row.
    • All: On recovery or defensive items, means all human and summoned demon party members; on attack items, means all enemies.
    • Foe: Any enemy, front or back row.
    • Front Foe: Any enemy in the front row.
    • Row: One row of enemies.
    • Front Row: The front row of enemies.
    • from left or from right: used in weapon descriptions. The attack deals full damage to the leftmost (or rightmost) enemy, and decreasing damage to every other enemy in the row.
    • (Back OK): Used in weapon descriptions. The weapon can be used from the party's back row.
  • Type: Used for weapons and attack items. Denotes what type of damage the item deals.
  • Duration: Used for sake items. Denotes the duration of the personality change.
  • In-Game Description: The descriptive text for the item in the game.
  • Shop: The shop the item must be purchased at. There are five stores selling items in the game:
    • Video X-treme: Swords, guns, and bullets.
    • Artists Allez: Armor and accessories.
    • Robot Haus: Attack and defensive items.
    • Rx and Effects: Recovery items.
    • Hakkaku Liquor: Sake (changes a demon's personality temporarily) and gift items (raises a demon's Loyalty).
  • Cost: The item's cost (in Yen). An item sells for one-quarter its buying price. An item with a cost listing but no shop listing is unpurchaseable, but may be sold for normal value (1/4 the listed price).
  • Notes: Used for additional effects the game doesn't explicitly tell you.

Armor Entries[edit]

The following entries are only used on the armor table, and denote resistances or weaknesses the armor confers upon the wearer.

  • Weak: Attacks of the listed damage type(s) deal double damage to the wearer.
  • Strong: The armor grants the wearer 50% resistance to the noted damage type(s).
  • Null: The armor confers complete immunity to the listed damage type(s) upon its wearer.
  • Drain: The armor restores the wearer's HP equal to the damage an attack of the listed damage type(s) would have dealt to him/her.
  • Reflect: The armor reflects all damage of the listed type(s) back upon the attacker.


Recovery Items[edit]

Item Name Target In-Game Description Shop Cost (¥) Notes
Medicine Ally Restores 40 HP. Rx and Effects 80 -
Life Stone Ally Restores 25% of Max HP. - 320 -
Bead Ally Fully restores HP. - 800 -
Chakra Drop Ally Restores 25% of Max MP. - 800 -
Chakra Pot Ally Fully Restores MP. - 3,200 -
Revival Bead Ally Revives an ally. Rx and Effects 480 -
Balm of Life Ally Revives with full HP. Rx and Effects 980 -
Dis-Poison Ally Cures Poison ailment. Rx and Effects 160 -
Dis-Stone Ally Cures Stone ailment. Rx and Effects 980 -
Dis-Charm Ally Cures Charm ailment. Rx and Effects 240 -
Dis-Paralyze Ally Cures Paralyze ailment. Rx and Effects 120 -
Me Patra Stone All Cures Sleep and Confuse ailments. Rx and Effects 380 -

Attack Items[edit]

Item Name Target Type In-Game Description Shop Cost (¥) Notes
Molotov Cocktail Foe Fire A homemade device full of gasoline. Robot Haus 80 -
Napalm Bomb Row Fire A mixture of naptha and metallic soaps. Robot Haus 240 -
Nitrogen Cylinder Row Ice Able to Freeze the enemy. Robot Haus 380 -
Segaki Rice Front Foe Expel Releases enemies from this world. Robot Haus 150 Kills the target.