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Controls Field Auto Map Screen Battle/Command Menus
Neutral lstick/Neutral dpad Moves Character Scrolls Map Moves Cursor / Item Quantities at Vendor (Up/Down x1, Left/Right x10)
Neutral rstick Rotate Camera (Not Used) (Not Used)
L1 button Rotate Camera (left) Go to Higher Floor Go to Previous Character (Outside Battles)
R1 button Rotate Camera (right) Go to Lower Floor Go to Next Character (Outside Battles)
Select button/L2 button/R2 button (Not Used) (Not Used) (Not Used)
Start button Skip Cutscene Movies (Not Used) (Not Used)
Circle button Centers Camera Behind Character Leave the Map Screen Cancels Selection
Cross button Examine/Talk/Activate (Not Used) Confirm Selection
Triangle button Open the Map Screen Leave the Map Screen Toggle Auto Battle On/Off (Inside Battles)
Square button Open the Main Menu / Field Hunt Attack (Not Used) Pass (In-Battle Shortcut) / Leave the Main Menu (Outside Battles)