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  • St - Strength - Affects the strength of physical attacks
  • Vi - Vitality - Affects defensive ability and HP gains
  • Dx - Dexterity - Affects hit rate of sword and gun attacks
  • Ag - Agility - Affects evasion rate and turn order
  • Lu - Luck - Has a slight affect on various things


Temporary Conditions
Condition Description
Happy Happiness may often cause a failure to take action, and if allowed to worsen, may cause a complete inability to act, as well as decreased defense
Freeze Frozen characters are unable to act and become weak to electric attacks. Taking damage from fire attacks will speed recovery from this condition
Shock Shocked characters are unable to act or evade, and become weak to ice attacks
Panic Panic causes characters to become unpredictable and may cause them to attack allies. As the condition worsens, the character may switch positions as well
Charm Charmed characters attack their allies
Bind Bound characters cannot act
Sleep Sleeping characters cannot act or evade, and their defense suffers. Sustaining damage speeds recovery
Unlucky Decreases a character's luck stat, which may eventually cause them to be unable to evade attacks
Mute Increases the chance that SP-based attacks will fail
Guilt The character begins to lose the will to act
Blind Hit and evasion rates suffer, eventually causing an inability to perform SP-based attacks
Terror The character begins to lose the will to act, and may flee from battle
Severe Conditions
Condition Description
Poison Attack strength is halved and character takes 1/16th of their maximum HP in damage each turn. After battle, the character loses 1 HP for every 2 steps taken
Paralyze Character cannot act or evade, and loses 1/16th of their maximum SP each turn
Stone Character cannot act or evade, defense suffers, and will suffer more critical hits
Sick Character takes 1/16th of their maximum HP in damage each turn. After battle, the character loses 1/8th of their maximum HP for every 4 steps taken
KO Character is taken out of battle, and recovers with 1 HP after battle
Beneficial Conditions
Condition Description
Cloak Enemies will not target a cloaked character, but the character becomes weaker to spells and cannot invoke their persona
Fury Increases character's attack strength and hit rate, but renders them incapable of doing anything but weapon attacks
Puppet When KOd, a character may be controlled by the others as a puppet, but can not invoke their persona or be targeted by enemies
Berserk Magic attacks and hit rate are increased when the character's persona goes berserk, but the persona can not be controlled
Counter When attacked, the character will counter-attack
Beast Stats will be affected by the phase of the moon. The full moon increases stats, while the new moon decreases them


Spells have types and sub-types. Personas and demons have particular types and sub-types of spells that they may use, and some may use a secondary type in addition to their primary type. All combatants have strengths and weaknesses towards certain types and sub-types. Element and Force are opposing types, as are Holy and Dark. Fire and Ice, Earth and Wind, Electricity and Nuclear, and Gravity and Blast are opposing sub-types.

Type Sub-type
Normal Normal
Element Fire/Ice/Wind/Earth
Force Electricity/Nuclear/Gravity/Blast
Dark Death/Nerve/Occult/Curse
Holy Expel/Prayer/Bless/Miracle