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Persona 3 FES is divided into two episodes:

  • The Journey
  • The Answer

The Journey is the storyline from the original Persona 3 game. FES has made some changes and additions, but it's mostly the same game. If you haven't previously played Persona 3, you'll want to start with the Journey. If you have completed the original game before, you may want to start with the Answer, though there will still be new things to see in the Journey, and you can play on the new difficulty level (Hard) if you wish.

The Answer takes place a month after the end of Persona 3. The difficulty is supposed to be equivalent to the Hard difficulty level on The Journey, and is not recommended for new players. If you do decide to play The Answer first, though, you can be assured that The Answer does not use the saved game data from The Journey, so you're not going to have a harder time at it except for not having experienced the earlier portion of the game.

Additions to The Journey[edit]

Specific details will be added to the Persona 3 guide where possible, but in general the following have been added to the original portion of Persona 3:

  • New Personas
  • New Social Link
  • New events with friends and SEES allies
  • New difficulty mode (Hard)
  • New fusion system (Weapon System)
  • New requests from Elizabeth

Saved Data Transfer[edit]

If you place a memory card containing save data from the original Persona 3 into memory card slot 1, you will be prompted by FES to carry over the data to The Journey. The Persona Compendium, known Fusion spells, items gained from MAXed Social Links, and the main character's Academics, Charm, and Courage stats will all be carried over.

Weapon Fusion[edit]

In The Journey you can combine your Personas with weapons. The option is available from Shinshoudo Antiques in Paulownia Mall. Rare Shadows in Tartarus are the source of the raw materials for weapon fusion.

Where to Save the Game[edit]

You can save your game from the student list located in the dorm lounge, the clock near the entrance to Tartarus (The Journey), or past each door in the Desert of Doors (The Answer).