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Daily Planner (April 2011) *NOT COMPLETED YET. WILL BE SOON*[edit | edit source]

Date Day Time Weather Events
4/11 Mon. Afternoon Cloudy Intro Scenes.
Evening Raining Intro Scenes. Can eat a snack from the fridge, but nothing happens (Once only. No time spent).

[Event 1] Dream Encounter (See Event 1 details).

4/12 Tue. Early Morning Raining Intro Scenes

[Conversation] Pick "You callin' me a loser?" to increase Courage.

After School Cloudy Intro Scenes
Evening Cloudy Intro Scenes
4/13 Wed. Early Morning Cloudy Intro Scenes
Morning Cloudy [Lecture] Increases Knowledge
After School Cloudy Intro Scenes
Evening Raining Intro Scenes
4/14 Thu. Morning Raining [Pop Quiz] Pick "When Jesus was born" to increase Knowledge
After School Raining Intro Scenes

[Conversation] Pick "Are you guys okay?" to increase Understanding

Evening Raining Intro Scenes
4/15 Fri. Early Morning Raining Intro Scenes
Afternoon Raining Intro Scenes
After School Raining Intro Scenes.

[Conversation] Pick "I'm worried about Chie" to increase Understanding.

[Event 2] Yosuke (See Event 2 details)

Evening Raining Intro Scenes
4/16 Sat. Early Morning Cloudy Intro Scenes

[S.Link] Magician (I) established with Yosuke

After School Raining Intro Scenes
Evening Raining Intro Scenes
4/17 Sun. Early Morning Sunny Intro Scenes
Daytime Sunny Intro Scenes

[Event 3] Chie (See Event 3 details)

[S.Link] Fool (O) established with Investigation Team.

Evening Sunny Intro Scenes
4/18 Mon. Early Morning Sunny [S.Link] Chariot (VII) established with Chie.

[Event 4] Rescue Yukiko (See Event 4 details)

Afternoon Sunny [Pop Quiz] Pick "The" to increase Knowledge
After School Sunny [Quest] #23 available (See Quest 23 for details)
Evening Sunny --
4/19 Tue. Early Morning Sunny Hint Scenes
After School Cloudy [S.Link] Strength (XI) can be established (See Strength S.Link for details)
Evening Cloudy --
4/20 Wed. Early Morning Cloudy Chat with Yosuke
Afternoon Cloudy [Conversation] Pick "Millennium" to increase Expression and Magician S.Link
After School [Book] "A Great Man" is on sale.

[S.Link] Magician is available

Evening Cloudy --
4/21 Thu. Early Morning Raining Chat With Yosuke
After School Cloudy [S.Link] Strength is available
Evening Cloudy --
4/22 Fri. Early Morning Sunny Chat with Yosuke
After School Cloudy [S.Link] Magician Available
Evening Cloudy --
4/23 Sat. Early Morning Cloudy Gossip Scene
Morning Cloudy [Pop Quiz] Pick "They were by the riverside." to increase Expression and Magician S.Link
After School Cloudy [Job] Board is Available (See Jobs for details)

[S.Link] Magician (if Yukiko is saved). and Strength are available

Evening Cloudy --
4/24 Sun. Daytime Sunny [S.Link] Strength (via Cell Phone), Magician are available
Evening Sunny --
4/24 Mon. Early Morning Cloudy Gossip Scene
Morning Cloudy [Pop Quiz] Pick "8 A.M." to increase Knowledge
After School Cloudy [Quest] #3 available (See Quest 3 for details).

[Job] Assistant day care caretaker

[S.Link] Magician (if Yukiko is saved) is available. Sun (XIX) can be established (See Sun S.Link for details)

Evening Cloudy Can make lunch from food in fridge if Yukiko is saved. Otherwise can spend time snacking to boost Courage (Once only).
4/26 Tue. Early Morning Cloudy Chat with Chie (if Yukiko is not saved).
Afternoon Cloudy [Pop Quiz] Pick "It's a perfect number." to increase Expression and Chariot S.Link.
After School Cloudy [S.Link] Chariot (if Yukiko is saved), Strength and Sun are available
Evening Raining Can spend time eating a snack to increase Courage if you made lunch after having saved Yukiko (Once only).
4/27 Wed. After School Raining --
Evening Raining --
4/28 Thu. Early Morning Raining Chat with Chie (if Yukiko was saved)
After School Raining [S.Link] Sun is available
Evening Raining --
4/29 Fri. Daytime Raining [Event 4] Deadline to rescue Yukiko. The game is over if you proceed to the Evening without accomplishing this (See Event 4 for details).
Evening Raining Cutscenes (Can't use your room for activities).
4/30 Sat. Early Morning Sunny Chat with Yukiko
Morning Sunny [Pop Quiz] Pick "Mt. Olympus" to increase Knowledge.
After School Sunny Yukiko joins after all the scenes are done for the time period.
Evening Sunny Cutscene (Can't use your room for activities).

The Story (April 2011)[edit | edit source]

> April 11, 2011

~ Monday Evening

(I) After Ryotaro leaves, you can control the protagonist for a bit. You can see the five-day forecast by checking the TV and save the game by checking the calender near the door. Go to your room by going up the staircase near the front door. Once inside, head to the futon and go to sleep.

(II) During the dream, just walk forward until you reach the end of the path. Check the large clock standing in your path and there will be a fight.

Event Battle Log > Opponent: ???; Suggested Level: 1

- This fight is a basic gimme fight. You will not be attacked, so you're free to try out the various skills at your disposal. Once the mysterious being disappears, just let a couple turns elapse and the battle will be over.

> April 15, 2011

~ Enemy Data

Floors Name Type Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Item Drop
-- Slipping Hablerie Boss -- Reflects -- Weak -- -- -- Medicine
-- Shadow Yosuke Boss Reflects -- -- Weak -- Nulls Nulls --

Event Battle Log > Opponent: Slipping Hablerie; Suggested Level: 1

- Your first real fight is an exercise in exploited weaknesses. The two enemies here can be knocked down with the Zio Skill. After knocking down both enemies you can simply fight with normal attacks.

Boss Battle Log > Opponent: Shadow Yosuke; Suggested Level: 2

- This can be a brutal first boss unless you make use of the Guard command. Yosuke's Shadow follows a very basic pattern of attacks, and you must predict when it will use Forgetful Wind because that will strike your character's weakness and knock him down. Use the Guard command when it Guards, uses Power Charge to avoid being knocked down and taking unnecessary damage. At all other times you should use Zio to knock him down. Try to avoid using Rakukaja, since you need virtually all of your SP to use Zio for this fight.

  • After the battles are over, Yosuke will join with his Persona Jiraiya. Upon returning to your home, you will now have access to the Main Menu. Return to your room for the night and you'll be given the Velvet Key.

> April 17, 2011

~Sunday Daytime

After a few scenes during the day, you'll wind up in the Metal Works store. You'll receive an extra 5,000 yen which will enable you to buy a couple of new items for the Protagonist and Yosuke. You only have enough for two items, so it's best to give each of them new weapons first.

(I) As you leave the store, a door to the Velvet Room will appear next to you. With the Velvet Key, you'll be able to come and go from doors like these as you please.

You will now be allowed to explore the rest of the street. Your main destination for today should be the Food Court at Junes. You can get there by leaving the street area of shops to the north or south.

(II) Eventually you'll wind up at the Gate of Yukiko's Castle. Make sure you talk to Teddie to receive Peach Seed x5, Soul Drop x5, and a Revival Bead. Go inside and make your way up to the second floor, defeating as many enemies as you can.

You'll need to save the soul Drops to fully recover your SP before the boss fight on the second floor.

Floors Name Type Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Item Drop
1 Calm Pesce Random Reflects -- Nulls -- Weak -- -- Idea Paper
-- Lying Hablerie Random -- Reflects Weak Weak -- -- -- Big Incisor
2 Shadow Chie Boss Reflects -- -- -- Weak Nulls Nulls --

Boss Battle Log

> Opponent: Shadow Chie; Suggested Level: 6

- Chie's Shadow is relatively simple to take down. She's weak against wind attacks so Yosuke will try to help you by using Garu. However, after doing so she will put up a shield to change her susceptibility against wind to resist it instead.

- You should intermittently cast Rakunda from Izanagi to keep her defense down and focus on using physical attacks.

- She will likely hit Yosuke with Mazio, which he is weak against, and will subsequently attack him to inflict Dizzy. In that case you should heal him immediately with a Medicine.

  • After the battle is over, Chie will be playable and you'll establish the S.Link for the Fool Arcana.

> April 18, 2011

~ Monday Evening to After School

(I) In the morning before class starts you'll establish the Chariot S.Link with Chie. During this conversation there will be a couple possible responses which the game will tell you that you don't have enough Courage to say. Instead you'll be forced to say something else. You'll be allowed to say those things to Chie on a second cycle, however, since your Courage from the previous play-through will carry over into the next one.

After the S.Link has been established, you'll have until April 29th to rescue Yukiko from the castle you visited yesterday. If you neglect to rescue Yukiko during the daytime of the 29th, then the game will be over. The boss you need to defeat in order to rescue her is holed up on the 8th floor of the castle. It's likely you won't be able to climb all eight floors and defeat the shadows in a single day. We suggest taking three days out of the eleven available to go into the castle. The best three dates to go on are today, the 27th, and the 29th because there are no people to talk to for S.Links on the days. If this schedule is to close for comfort, feel free to go on any other day. Just be mindful of the fact that you generally can't go into a dungeon and spend time to increase an S.Link on the same day.

(II) Once school is over for the day you'll finally be free to spend the day however you see fit. Your friends will be waiting for you in the 'Food Court at Junes,' whereupon you can enter the TV to explore a Dungeon. You should always make sure to check out the stores in the Shopping District before going into a dungeon, because shopping doesn't expend any time and you'll need the best equipment you can afford. On top of this you should always buy a Goho-M from the general store before leaving.