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Inaba is a small town, somewhere out in the vast Japanese countryside. It's the sort of uneventful place that helped spawn the universal cliche, that all boring little towns should be considered "sleepy." Everyone knows everyone else, and they are all certainly bored with each other. Your parents need you to live there for a year while they work overseas. As soon as you turn up, you find the economy collapsing and people turning up dead. Lucky You.

You'll be living with your uncle, a police detective. Thanks to a string of mysterious murders, he's not home much. You wouldn't be involved, except the second victim went to school with you... and she didn't deserve to die the way she did. Along with a few friends, you're looking into things yourself. There are all kinds of strange rumors floating around... something about a secret channel on TV you can only watch on rainy midnights when the power's turned off. Some people say you'll see your soulmate on it.

You and your friends are going to take it upon yourselves to solve the mystery of the Midnight Channel and the strange serial killings in Inaba. This won't be easy, mostly because even quiet little towns don't allow high school kids as much free time as they'd like. You've got to keep your grades up, keep your uncle from noticing all of your snooping around, and get acquainted with the people of Inaba well enough to understand what's going on.