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The main character. You can't take him out, but you shouldn't want to. He is one of the best characters in the game. He is a swordsman, with a strong attack and good defense. He has the egress spell used to leave any battle at any point, to return to the priest you last saved with. Don't let him die or you will lose half of your coin and will have to retry the last battle.


A warrior who will become one of the best characters. He has a strong attack and defense as well. He will join from the start and should be there at the end.


The other warrior. He is a lot like Luke with good attack and defense. Both lack substantial HP, but ample defense will make up for that. Just be careful around enemies with set attacks such as mages, or anything with a laser. He will be available after the Guardiana gets attacked for the first time, and can be recruited from the Inn.


A knight. He has lots of HP, but that is only to compensate for his lack of defense. A fair attack level, and low defense means you can sit him once you fill up your party.


An excellent knight. She is more powerful than Ken with a better defense. Also has a nice amount of HP. She joins after Guardiana gets invaded, and will continue to be of use throughout the game.


There are a lot of mixed reviews on this knight. He will join after the Laser Eye battle, and should serve well from then on. He will at some points be head and shoulders above the team, but will eventually level off.


An optional knight in Manarina Castle. He develops slowly! He will take until at least level 12-14 promoted to start to come into him own. Is he worth it, well, sort of. He will never have the largest attack, or a great defense, but he gets level 1 BLAZE, FREEZE, and BOLT, which can be nice. Never the best, but certainly unique.


Another knight, who again falls in line with Ken. Not the best, but certainly not terrible. He has a nice attack, and good defense, so take him above Ken.


OK, this ends the knights. Similar to Ken and Ernest. He has a good attack, with good defense.


Develops at a slower pace than the rest. Fairly good attack, but is extremely vulnerable and will take a lot of damage if attacked. Keep him away from the front.


An archer who is similar to Hans. Both are best behind someone with a good defense.


Not the typical archer, but the best of the range attackers in the game. You get him late(at the start of Chapter 6 in Rudo), so he will take some work and protection to level, but will soon come on strong. If you only develop one range fighter, make it him.


A mage who specializes in Blaze. She is a good assest to have. Her Blaze 4 is learned early after promotion, and only takes 8MP. Keep her in back as she lacks HP, but she should be with you in the end.


A mage who specializes in Freeze. She is similar to Tao, just with Freeze. Both are great at what they do, just be careful not to put them up front.


An egg found in Manarina, hatched in Pao. He takes a bit to develop, but will be great once done. Does not promote, learns Freeze 4 along with Boost. He maintains a great defense, but will level out around level 25 of so. He is great because enemies will gravitate towards him, and with his defense he will be able to hold up taking the heat off others who are weaker.


You get her late, unpromoted, and really weak. She is worth it to develop because she is the only character to gain BOLT 4 (which have been seen doing stunning attacks of 104!) She will develop quickly if protected.


You will get this optional character at the house near the place where your first battle took place. He is the man chopping wood with an axe, talk to him and he is yours. He is a monk with both fighting and healing abilities. He is weak early on but the fact that he is a direct combat unit that is able to cast healing spells can be useful in a pinch.


Bleu is the dragon you get in Chapter 6 of the game. He may seem extremely weak in the beginning but if you stick with him, he becomes one of, if not, the best warrior in your army. Since you get him so late in the game, it's hard for him to gain levels but you won't be disappointed when you have a character at your disposal that's stronger than most of the game's bosses.

Non-player characters[edit]


Nova is located at the headquarters at Guardiana castle, which will open as soon as the team is assembled.