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You and the Shining Force follow Kane's trail to the town of Rindo. Enter the town and talk to all the people in Rindo. In one of the upstairs rooms of one of the houses you will find Boken. He will be useful later in your quest and you will meet him frequently throughout. In one room you will find a Speed Ring. In another house you will find Guntz in his armoured suit. Doctor Crook has invented it, but it doesn't seem to be working properly just yet. When you've finished looking round the town, go to the church (top left house) and save your game. To start the next battle, you will have needed to speak with the mayor in the north of the town, and Exit Rindo. Nova will tell you that enemies are trying to stop you reaching Anri in Manarina. This is Battle No 5.

Battle 5[edit]

In this battle, there are 16 enemies:

  • Near the bridge, 3 Dark Dwarves.
  • In the middle of the desert, 4 Giant Bats, 2 snipers, and 1 Dark Mage.
  • Near Manarina, 2 Dark Mages and 4 zombies.

The three dwarves create a chokepoint for the party, which will have to be cracked open. The dwarves will only attack as soon as you place one character directly on the bridge or past it, and the giant bats will also swarm when you cross the bridge. Place a melee character either on the bridge or past it, and have a ranged providing supporting fire. As soon as one dwarf falls, rush your uother characters across the bridge before the hole is plugged.

Approach the city. Since it is mostly desert, you will find it slow to cross, with only your swordsmen moving three squares. The zombies will hold position until you have a nearby character that is four squares away. This makes them agressive and advance two squares but won't be close enough to attack, but still giving you room to destroy the zombie before it makes an attack of its own. However, you should focus on dark mages, as they can inflict more damage than the zombies.

When you win, enter Manarina to tell Anri about Guardiana. Go straight into the building directly in front of you and talk to the person on the steps. This is Anri. She doesn't believe you and tells you to go away. Then Nova comes into the building. Nova tells her about you and your quest as well as giving her the news of recent events. Anri says she needs some time alone and heads off to the right. Nova tells you to go and talk to her and remind her of her duty to Guardiana. Go right through the building exploring until you reach some stairs. Don't go up them just yet. Go into the room to the left of these and search the green and yellow type monster. You will discover a Domingo Egg. You should store this in your group until it is needed later in your quest. Go up the stairs once and then head down into another room. Talk to the woman there and agree to be guinea pig in her experiment. You move into the machine and are transformed into a chicken. Go out of the room and up the next set of stairs. Follow the path around and go past the Knight and Anri then down the stairs. Go up two flights of stairs and go left. Push the person down the slide then talk to him. He tries to climb the stairs but cannot. Go down the stairs and talk to the soldier. He will let you past. Go down and follow the corridor into a room with a man in red robes. Talk to him and he will change you back into a human. Talk to him again to learn a little about Shade Abbey and how it was founded by the people of Guardiana. Make your way back to Anri and talk to her. She wants revenge and so joins the Shining Force. Now talk to the Knight. His name is Arthur but he doesn't want to leave Manarina. Leave him and head back to the entrance of the building where you first found Anri.

Enter the room up the stairs and talk to the man in the red robes. His name is Otrant and asks if you want to find the Key to the Accursed Door before Kane of Runefaust. Reply yes and he goes on to tell of a legend that the Pool of Ancients is linked to the Accursed Door. To reach the Pool, he tells you that you need the Orb of Light from the Cavern of Darkness. He tells you to defeat the monsters to get the Orb, then return to him. Go through the door and down the stairs. Go down the second set of stairs and talk to the woman who tells you that only the strongest survive the trial of the Cavern of Darkness. Go down the stairs before you to enter the Cavern of Darkness. Nova tells you to kill the enemies to gain the Orb. This is Battle No 6.

When you win, get the Orb of Light and head back up the stairs. Keep going up and the wall with the eye on it should split apart. Keep going to the end of the path and when you are in the Pool of the Ancients, use the Orb of Light and the Spirit of the Ancients will speak to you. She says she has waited a long time for your summoning. She tells you that the Legacy of the Ancients is an evil being that has been sealed away for 1000 years. She says that Darksol is searching for the Key that will unlock the seal, and that you must stop him. The Spirit of the Ancients then fades away. Now retrace your steps and talk to Ortant again. He tells you that the Orb of Light has chosen you to battle the evil that threatens the land of Rune. He says you are definitely the servants of the Powers of Light, these being the Shining Force. He then tells you to cross the sea from Rindo and go to the eastern continent, as you must stop Kane. When he has finished talking, don't go straight back to Rindo. Instead, go right, up two flights of stairs and talk to Arthur the Knight. He says he now wants to fight against Runefaust and joins the Shining Force. Now head back to Rindo and when you get to town, you find that the circus has arrived. Talk to the man at the entrance to the big top and he will say you can't enter yet. Now talk to the man in orange on the dock. He tells you that you still cannot have the ship, and if you want it you should see the mayor. Go to see him and he will tell you that his grandson has gone missing. Say yes to his request for the ship. He asks you to find his grandson, and in return, he will give you his ship. Now go back to the circus entrance and talk to the man there. He tells you that the mayor's grandson went into the tent, but never came out. He lets you in to have a look for him. He warns you that some of the people look dangerous. Go into the tent and you will confronted by a group of monsters. At the top of the tent is the witch that told you your fortune in Alterone. She is actually one of the leaders of the Runefaust army. She talks to you and then leaves, telling her 'pets' to take care of you. This is Battle No 7.

When you win, the mayor's grandson emerges from behind some of the crates to the top right of the tent. He goes home swearing never to leave home again. Leave the tent and go back to the mayor's house. Talk to him and he gives you the ship. Now go back to where the ship was docked and the man will let you get on it. Walk right and Nova will tell you the ship will do fine, and he goes to get the rest of the Shining Force. When he goes, the witch whose 'pets' you defeated in the tent, appears. She tells you that you won't bother her any more and that you're going to burn. Magical fires created by her surround you and she says you will serve as an example to all those who oppose Runefaust. With this, she disappears saying 'farewell insect'. Nova then tells you to run as the ship is going down. Go off the ship, and you will watch it sink into the sea. Talk to the old man in orange again. He suggests talking to the mayor again. Follow his advice and speak to the mayor again. The mayor tells you that was the only ship left in Rindo. He suggests going to Uranbatol where there are other ships, but it is a long way from here. He asks if you are still dertermined to go on, which you should reply yes. He tells you that Uranbatol is very remote and far to the northeast. He tells you to go north to Shade Abbey first. He tells you to ask his son for all the details. Ask the mayor's son, and he just says to head north to Shade Abbey and you shouldn't have mush trouble finding the way. Now go to the church and save your game. Exit Rindo and head north to Shade Abbey. Talk to Amon (the Birdman on the left in front of the entrance) and he will tell you to save Balbaroy because he will die unless you help him. Enter the Abbey and find the priest in a room with a Zombie. Talk to him and he will tell you he is rather busy at the moment and to see him later. Now exit the room and you will be able to enter the church to the back of the Abbey building. Head right the way to the top of the church, where you will see a stone statue of a Birdman. As you near him, he cries out for you to run, as it is a trap, but you're too late. The screen changes to show lots of undead enemies and then the priest walks up to you from the bottom of the screen. With this, the priest turns into an armoured character in a black cloak. He says that you and the Shining Force cannot be saved even by prayers, and that you won't escape. He says how fitting it is that you will perish in a former chapel of light. He then tells you that he will leave you in the care of his minions who know well what to do with you. He then turns to his troops and tells them to dispose of these 'pests' (you and the Shining Force) once and for all. He now disappears and you are plunged into Battle No 8.

When you win, Balbaroy starts talking to you. He tells how he was turned into stone by Darksol (the black cloaked figure) when he took the bodies of the dead. Balbaroy then joins the Shining Force. Now go all the way out of Shade Abbey and Amon will talk to you again. He thanks you for saving Balbaroy and wants to fight evil too. Amon joins the Shining Force. He then tells you that to reach Uranbatol, you must bo through Bustoke. Amon and Balbaroy guide you through the mountains there. This completes Chapter 2.