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Nanba, Ebisuchou, and Koushien all feature Game Centers where you can play with a variety of machines. Each time you use a machine you use up a Prepaid Cash Card.

Knock Out[edit]

Shodai Knock Out.png

This is a strength test machine. It tells you your current level and exactly how much experience you need to earn to reach the next level. The name is perhaps a reference to the Punch-Out!! series.

Crane Game[edit]

Shodai Crane Game.png

The Crane Game can be used to acquire some of the rarest items in the game, although what you get is completely random and some items have no value. Virtually every item can be acquired by playing the Crane Game, but some items are so incredibly rare that even if you were to play via emulation and constantly reload to get the Prepaid Cash Card back it would take a very long time for any of the rarer items to show up.

Fortune Telling[edit]

Shodai Fortune Telling.png

Gives you a random fortune about how lucky the day is. This modifies your Luck attribute. Possible readings are:

  • "it's a little lucky": Luck +15
  • "it's really lucky": maximum Luck (255)
  • "it's unlucky": Luck -49
  • "it's really unlucky": Luck -113

Slot Machine[edit]

Combination Experience
Shodai bell.png(+ any pair)
Shodai bell.pngShodai bell.pngShodai bell.png
Shodai cherry.pngShodai cherry.pngShodai cherry.png
Shodai blueberry.pngShodai blueberry.pngShodai blueberry.png
Shodai lemon.pngShodai lemon.pngShodai lemon.png
Shodai giraffe.pngShodai giraffe.pngShodai giraffe.png
Shodai apple.pngShodai apple.pngShodai apple.png
Shodai blue 7.pngShodai blue 7.pngShodai blue 7.png
Shodai red 7.pngShodai red 7.pngShodai red 7.png
Shodai Slot Machine.png

The Slot Machine is used to gain experience points. For some reason the Power Wrist does not double its payouts.

It plays like a standard slot machine; hit Y Button to start the wheels rolling, then hit Y Button to stop each individual wheel (from left to right). Like a real slot machine, the bell is a wildcard; any matching pair of symbols can be used after it, but the experience gain is always the same regardless of what the payout is when you get three of that type.