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Items are stored in your inventory. To use items open the menu (Start Button), choose Use Item (どうぐさつかう), select an item with Up Dpad/Down Dpad, and hit Y Button to use it.

For equippable items see Weapons (ぶき), Lining (うらじ), and Shoes (くつ).

Key items[edit]

These items are only found or received during the storyline. They cannot be broken, used up, or thrown away. They cannot be gained from the Crane Game.

Kana Romaji English Description
ニュウジョウケン Nyuujouken Subway Ticket Allows you access to the Umeda Station. Received after beating up some punks outside the station.
1 クカンテイキ 1 Kukanteiki Zone 1 Computer Pass Allows access to the Shinsaibashi region. Received after defeating Hokuto.
2 クカンテイキ 2 Kukanteiki Zone 2 Computer Pass Allows access to the Nanba region. Received after meeting Wada (whether you fight him or not).
3 クカンテイキ 3 Kukanteiki Zone 1 Computer Pass Allows access to the Ebisuchou region. Received from Izawa (Alliance) or Yasuyuki (Union), depending on which faction you chose to help.
??? ??? Letter Plot item to deliver to Masaki. Received from Izawa (Alliance) or Wada (Union), depending on which faction you chose to help.
テレホン カアド Terehon Kaado Phone Card Allows you to save your game using a pay phone.
トレインカアド Toreinkaado Train Pass Allows access to the Koushien region.
カアド ロック Kaado Rokku Card Key Allows access to the Umeda-Shinsaibashi sewer system.
マSタア キイ Masta Kii Master Key Allows access to the Shinsaibashi-Nanba sewer system.
バイク ノ キイ Baiku no Kii Bike Key Allows instant travel to any region. Does not work in some areas (usually interiors).

Vending Machines[edit]

These items are available from vending machines as well as from random encounters. Each item you buy expends one Prepaid Cash Card, which are only available from defeated foes. Note that the Cards are stacked, unlike wearable items; there is no easy way of knowing how many you have.

Kana Romaji English Effects
ヒヤシアメ Hiyashiame Cough Drops Restores 15 HP
ウイズパア Uizupaa Whispers Restores 50 HP
ゲロリン Gerorin Gerolin Restores 10 HP and 10 Ki
ドッグマン Dogguman Dogman Restores 30 HP and 20 Ki
マムシケン 50 Mamushiken 50 Devil Fist 50 Restores 50 HP and 50 Ki
ウミ ノ サル Umi no Saru Sea Monkeys Mostly useless (very rarely restores 18 Ki)
アタリマエ クラッカア Atarimae Kurakkaa Plain Crackers Restores 70 Ki

Misc. items[edit]

These items are received as random loot or given to you during the storyline.

Kana Romaji English Effects
タクシイ カアド Takushii Kaado Taxi Card Instantly transports you to B1 of Hotel Osaka.
ダイギンジョウ Daiginjou Fine Wine Restores 100 HP and 100 KP. Extremely rare.
プリペイカアド Puripekaado Prepaid Cash Card Used at Vending Machines and Game Centers.
スコンブ Sukonbu ??? Restores 10 Ki.
アオイイシ ペンダント Aoiishi Pendanto Blue Pendant Increases Luck.
イイストキス Iisutokisu East Kisses Restores all HP.
オカメノハチニギョウ Okamenohachinigyou Harudandy Puppet No known effect.
ハリネズミノヌイグルミ Harinezumi no Nuigurumi Stuffed Hedgehog No known effect.
??? ??? Bystander Puppet No known effect.
トラツキイ ノ ヌイグルミ Toratsukii no Nuigurumi Stuffed Tiger No known effect.
??? ??? Sea Kelp Restores 10 Ki.
トラ ノ ゴフルル Tora no Gofururu Tiger Goblet Restores all Ki.
??? ??? Blue Stone Pendant Increases Luck. Can be used twice.
サイン シキシ Sain Shikishi Sign Unknown effects.
スイミニャク Suiminyaku Sleeping Pills Unknown (same as Sleep Ki?)
シルバア ネックレス Shirubaa Nekkuresu Silver Necklace Lowers encounter rate. Can only be used once.
ゴオルド ネックレス Goorudo Nekkuresu Gold Necklace Lowers encounter rate. Can only be used once.
プラチナ ネックレス Purachina Nekkuresu Platinum Necklace Increases encounter rate.
アブナイ クスリ Abunai Kusuri Dangerous Drugs Increases encounter rate.
サイゴ ノ ファンタジイ5 Saigo no Fantajii 5 Finally Fantasy 5 Increases encounter rate.
ガンガンクエスト5 Gangankuesto5 Drag-On Quest 5 Increases encounter rate.
トリ ノ ツケ ペンダント Tori no Tsuke Pendanto Bird Claw Pendant Speeds up the passage of time. Can be used for about 5 times and it will be broke afterwards.
スイショウ ペンダント Suishou Pendanto Crystal Pendant Speeds up the passage of time.