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Shura no Mon fight.png

While Shura no Mon is a strategy game, it isn't turn-based. You can attack at any time, and defend at any time. There is one opponent for each round, and nine rounds in all. This walkthrough should provide you with strategies for defeating each opponent, including strengths and weaknesses.


Shura no Mon portrait Kimura.png

Since Kimura is the first opponent, he'll be quite easy to beat, and even easier if you know exactly how to fight in the game. Otherwise, Kimura lets you get acquainted with the battle system to give you an easier time with later opponents. His HP also goes down very fast. After one minor attack, you should be about a quarter of the way there, provided it succeeds.

Attacking is quite simple. First, get up close to Kimura, though be prepared if he performs an attack of his own. Next, open up the moves menu. You'll see a short list of available moves for now. Choose one of the two options and a sub-menu will come up. Select a move from the sub-menu and you will attack. Depending on whether Kimura was ready or not, he may or may not defend it. Still, Kimura's defense isn't very effective. Even if he does block it, he will take a considerable amount of damage. When the thermal sprite toward the bottom of the screen turns red, a new skill will become available: Kotsuki (弧月). Use it to defeat Kimura.


Shura no Mon portrait Izumi.png

After the fight with Kimura, everyone at the dojo is impressed, but Tsukumo still has a long way to go before becoming a master of martial arts. His next opponent, a seasoned martial artist by the name of Izumi, tests his skills. A large step forward from the opening battle, Izumi puts up quite a fight. His weakness, however, seems to lie in defending himself. He'll almost never do this, concentrating on his own offense strategies, which will make him a challenging but quick finish if Block is used frequently (Dodge is also usable, if you're willing to take the risk). Make use of Flying Kick (飛燕連脚) and Shikiro Triple Kick (紫電三連脚) to defeat Izumi.


Shura no Mon portrait Jinrai.png

Tsukumo's next opponent is the mysterious Koichi, in a battle trickier than the last. His Low Kick (ローキック) cannot be guarded against with Block or Ukemi, so your safest option is to use a dodge. After Tsukumo says "now it's serious..." (次からは本気だよ…), he will obtain the skill Kazuraotoshi (蔓落とし), which will deal a significant amount of damage if used. Afterward, build up your concentration in order to perform the devastating secret technique Mutsu Madoka Meiryuu Ougi (陸奥圓名流奥義) in close contact to come out victorious.


Shura no Mon portrait Kaidou.png

Unlike the previous two opponents, Kaidou is a highly defensive fighter, so many of your skills will not do much damage. There is an exception, as if Front Kick (前蹴り) is done from a particular distance, Kaidou will not be able to block it. Use this skill after every one of Kaidou's attacks to keep up an offense against him. A stretch into the battle, Tsukumo's thermal image will glow red. Use Aerial Wave (無空波) when Kaidou's health is at 50% to deal more damage. Throughout the fight, attempt to attack Kaidou before he can initiate his own attacks, keeping your distance whenever he makes an attempt to perform an offensive action.


Shura no Mon portrait Takemi.png

Takemi is a new kind of fighter, and a seasoned one at that. If you continue to use the same skill, Takemi will dodge it completely, forcing you to mix up your offense and combine various attacks. If Tsukumo's thermal figure changes color, a new skill will become available to him. When Takemi performs a strike with his fist, use the Jahazan (蛇破山) technique to return damage. Take note that this skill can only be used up to two times, as Takemi will break it on the third attempt.


Shura no Mon portrait Hayama.png

Hayama is a nineteen-year-old shoot boxer, a prodigy who is rumored to be stronger than his teacher. His power lies in his deadly punch, but he also possesses incredible speed, able to attack from a distance and perform counterattacks at an alarming pace. Make heavy use of the Dodge skill for defense and Middle Kicks (ミドルキック) for offense; this should get you through the duration of the battle. Eventually, Thunder (雷) will become available. Raise your concentration to use it and defeat Hayama.


Shura no Mon portrait Tobita.png

Tobita is a pro wrestler with an intimidating stature and formidable skill, having been trained by the so-called "God of Pro Wrestling." As such, all of his attacks will be heavy, and when defending, are best dealt with by Ukemi. This is with the exception of the F Suplex (F・スープレックス), which should be avoided by force with the Break Free skill. Return his attacks with the Hikien Cross Vines (飛燕十字蔓), Jahazan (蛇破山), and Triangle Choke (肩固め) skills to bring your thermal gauge up, allowing Tsukumo to finish him off with Tiger Cannon (虎砲).


Shura no Mon portrait Katayama.png

Katayama is a practitioner of karate, said to have the fighting senses of a genius and dynamic visual acuity, boasting the ability to defeat karate masters even when he was inexperienced in the art. As the battle begins, he will move around Tsukumo in an arc before attacking. First of all, avoid the use of Tiger Cannon (虎砲) in this fight by all means, as Katayama will retaliate against it every time with heavy damage. Use Ukemi to suppress damage from his attacks and use Hikien Cross Vines (飛燕十字蔓) when Tsukumo's thermal color changes. After a mid-battle scene, Dragon (龍破) will become available, usable from a distance when concentration is at its maximum. After dealing enough damage, Katayama will begin to use the Bodhisattva Palm (菩薩掌) which can be avoided with the Break Free skill. It should do a good amount of damage to Tsukumo, but he will also learn Bodhisattva Palm Break (菩薩掌破り). Afterward, doing damage to Katayama should come a bit easier.

Fuwa Hokuto[edit]

Shura no Mon portrait Fuwa Hokuto.png

Fuwa Hokuto is a legendary fighter with a massive battle scar, and Tsukumo's final obstacle to being recognized as the greatest martial artist in Japan. Utilize Ukemi and Block as soon as the battle begins, as his concentration gauge charges quickly and he will attack as soon as it does. After enough defense, you should attain enough power to perform an attack such as Tiger Cannon. Continue the pattern of blocking as your concentration rises followed by an attack, and the final skill, Four Gates (四門) will become available. Defeat Hokuto to obtain a bloody ending scene and trigger the credits.

Shura no Mon end.png


Stage Password
Izumi はらへっちゃってもうダメ
Koichi とんでもないこぞうだの…
Kaidou へへへっ…
Takemi もんがあいちまったな…
Hayama むつつくもだ
Tobita もういちどやりたい…って
Katayama フフ… たのしみですねぇ
Fuwa Hokuto たいしたことはないな