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Allows Air units to refuel here.


Taps an underground aquifer, creating a river. Rivers yield energy bonus of +1 and a X3 movement boost. The energy bonus stacks with all improvements. One terraform from a high mountain and can enhance the terrain of several cities.

When implementing, check the numerical height of the terrain; the number, not the graphical representation determines where the river will go.


Units in a Bunker have a 50% bonus to defense and do not suffer from collateral damage when another unit in the bunker is attacked.


A condenser increases the raininess of its square and all adjacent squares and increases its square's food production by 50%. Condensers also cause significant amounts of eco-damage.

Echelon Mirror[edit]

Produces the same base energy as a Solar Collector and increases the production of adjacent Solar Collectors by 1. Multiple mirrors can affect a single Solar Collector, which can result in that collector to produce 10 or more energy. Echelon Mirrors also cause significant amounts of eco-damage.


  • Base terraforming time: 4

Increases nutrient production by 1.


  • Base terraforming time: 4
  • Production: 1-2-1

Ignores the tile's raininess and rockiness attributes, giving it a base value of 1 nutrient, 2 mineral, and 1 energy, which can be increased by appropriate base facilities. Forests also reduce terraforming-related eco-damage, which helps to offset the effects of heavy terrain development and improvements like boreholes. One further important fact about forests is that they will spread to adjacent tiles, and doing so will destroy fungus in a spread-to tile. Forests will not spread to Rocky tiles or tiles with existing improvements, and trying to plant them over top of existing improvements will replace that tile's improvements (and vice versa). The only exceptions are roads, mag tubes, and sensor arrays, and forests can spread to (but can't be planted in without replacing) otherwise-unimproved condenser and mirror tiles, giving them production values of forest.

Plant Fungus[edit]

Fills the square with xenofungus. Not useful until you've discovered a lot of Centauri techs, or are for some reason using your formers offensively.

Remove Fungus[edit]

  • Base terraforming time: 6

Removes fungus from a square, allowing it normal production.

Level Terrain[edit]

  • Base terraforming time: 8

Reduces the Rockiness of a tile from Rocky to Rolling, or Rolling to Flat.

Lower Land[edit]

Reduces the tile's elevation by about 1000m. Costs energy credits to perform, amount is determined by the current elevation and the distance of the operation from your nearest base. If used by a sea former outside of a coastal base it can lower the base into the sea, drowning all the inhabitants (unless the base is equipped with a pressure dome).

Mag Tube[edit]

Units moving along a mag tube expend no movement points.


  • Base terraforming time: 8

A mine increases the production of a tile by 1. On a rocky tile with a road, increases production by 3.

Raise Land[edit]

Raises the tile's elevation by about 1000m. Adjacent tiles will be brought up, allowing you to create a mountain by raising a single tile. Costs energy credits to perform, amount is determined by the current elevation and the distance of the operation from your nearest base.


  • Base terraforming time: 1

Units moving along a road expend 1/3 movement point for every square. Early in the game, since expansion is paramount, use your terraformers to build roads instead of farms and solar panels.

Sensor Array[edit]

  • Base terraforming time: 4

Gives a 25% defense bonus to your units within a 2 square radius. Eliminates fog of war in a 2 square radius.

Soil Enricher[edit]

Increases food production in the square by 50%.

Solar Collector[edit]

  • Base terraforming time: 4

Produces 1 energy, plus 1 energy for every 1000m of the tile's elevation. A tile can be raised to at most 3500m, for a maximum base energy of 4.

Thermal Borehole[edit]

Ignores most other terraforming in the square and produces 0 nutrients, 6 minerals, and 6 energy. Can stack with rivers and resource bonuses. Unfortunately, Boreholes cause a HUGE amount of eco-damage. In addition, a river passing through a borehole will end there.