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Byzantium, also known as the Eastern Roman Empire, becoming almost as influential as Rome itself during its peak. Byzantium is led by Theodora, the wife of Justinian I and the Empress of the Byzantine Empire. Byzantium is one of the more flexible civilizations with a strong focus on religion, as its Unique Ability allows for a lot of interesting combinations. Its unique units are similarly well-rounded, decent for any situation.

AI Traits[edit]


Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Patriarchate of Constantinople - Choose an additional belief when founding a religion.

Unique Units[edit]


  • Cost: 75 Production / 150 Faith
  • Type: Mounted
  • Combat Strength: 15
  • Movement Points: 3
  • Can move after attacking, 25% combat penalty when attacking cities
  • Prerequisites: 1 Horse, Horseback Riding technology
  • Obsolete with: Chivalry technology
  • Upgrades to: Knight
  • Replaces Horseman
  • Higher combat strength, lower movement points, can gain defensive bonuses, reduced penalty from attacking cities.


  • Cost: 56 Production
  • Type: Naval Ranged
  • Combat Strength: 8
  • Ranged Combat Strength: 10
  • Range: 2
  • Movement: 4
  • Cannot enter deep ocean, bonus damage against naval units
  • Prequisites: Sailing technology
  • Obsolete with: Astronomy technology
  • Upgrades to: Galleass
  • Replaces Trireme
  • Higher cost, reduced defensive Combat Strength, gains ranged attack.

Playing Byzantium[edit]

Victory Conditions[edit]

Social Policies[edit]

Religious Beliefs[edit]