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Ethiopia is one of the few African nations to avoid European colonization until the 20th century, being one the forefront of global affairs for most of the 20th century and earning itself a place as a charter member of the United Nations. It is led by Haile Selassie, the Emperor who modernized Ethiopia and the spiritual leader of the Rastafarian movement. Ethiopia is a civilization that prefers to remain small and defensive, gaining powerful combat bonuses for doing so. Its unique unit favors this playstyle, and its unique building lets it generate more Faith than other civilizations early on.

AI Traits[edit]

Haile Selassie[edit]

Unique Components[edit]

Unique Ability[edit]

  • Spirit of Adwa - 20% combat bonus when warring against a civilization with more cities.

Unique Unit[edit]

Mehal Sefari[edit]

  • Cost: 200 Production
  • Type: Gunpowder (Melee)
  • Combat Strength: 34
  • Movement Points: 2
  • Prerequisites: Rifling technology
  • Obsolete with: Replaceable Parts technology
  • Upgrades into: Great War Infantry
  • Replaces Rifleman
  • Lower Production cost, 30% combat bonus near capital, free Drill I promotion

Unique Building[edit]


  • Cost: 40 Production
  • Maintenance: 1 Gold
  • +2 Culture, +2 Faith
  • Replaces Monument
  • Bonus +2 Faith

Playing Ethiopia[edit]

Victory Conditions[edit]

Social Policies[edit]

Religious Beliefs[edit]