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There are 32 achievements for the Xbox 360, half of which are secret, for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points.


Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
SH Homecoming Lock 'n' Load achievement.jpg Lock 'n' Load Found Rifle 25 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Sightseeing achievement.jpg Sightseeing Found 1 Photo 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Josh's Gallery achievement.jpg Josh's Gallery Found ALL Photos 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Alchemilla's Finest achievement.jpg Alchemilla's Finest Defeated 1 Nurse 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Eddie's Legacy achievement.jpg Eddie's Legacy Defeated 1 Feral 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Lurk No More achievement.jpg Lurk No More Defeated 1 Lurker 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming To The Point achievement.jpg To The Point Defeated 1 Needler 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Split Personality achievement.jpg Split Personality Defeated 1 Schism 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Shades of James achievement.jpg Shades of James Defeated 1 Siam 20 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Clear the Air achievement.jpg Clear the Air Defeated 1 Smog 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Creeper Reaper achievement.jpg Creeper Reaper Defeated 1 Swarm 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Out of Order achievement.jpg Out of Order Defeated 1 Order member 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Kaufmann's Handiwork achievement.jpg Kaufmann's Handiwork Found 1 Serum 10 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Health Junkie achievement.jpg Health Junkie Found all Serums 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming The Old Gods achievement.jpg The Old Gods... .. Haven't Left This Place Complete game on HARD difficulty. 100 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Nursery Rhymes achievement.jpg Nursery Rhymes Found all the Children's Drawings 50 Gamerscore points


Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
SH Homecoming Six Feet Under achievement.jpg Six Feet Under Defeated Sepulcher 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Blood Donor achievement.jpg Blood Donor Defeated Scarlet 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Catch Your Breath achievement.jpg Catch Your Breath Defeated Asphyxia 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Head Above Water achievement.jpg Head Above Water Defeated Amnion 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Rising Tension achievement.jpg Rising Tension Found Circular Saw 25 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Science Fiction achievement.jpg Science Fiction Found Laser Pistol 25 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Smile achievement.jpg Smile Achieved Ending 1 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming In Water achievement.jpg In Water Achieved Ending 2 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Judgement achievement.jpg Judgement Achieved Ending 3 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Intensive Care achievement.jpg Intensive Care Achieved Ending 4 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming No Dogs Allowed achievement.jpg No Dogs Allowed Achieved Ending 5 50 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Mercy achievement.jpg Mercy Alex ended his mother's suffering 20 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Compassion achievement.jpg Compassion Alex could not end his mother's suffering 20 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Forgiveness achievement.jpg Forgiveness Alex Forgives his father 20 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Angela's Choice achievement.jpg Angela's Choice Alex does not forgive his father 20 Gamerscore points
SH Homecoming Now About Those Drinks achievement.jpg Now About Those Drinks Saved Wheeler 25 Gamerscore points